CNET Infosystem: Proffering Nonpareil ORM Solutions via Proprietary Knowledge Based System

Kapil Garg,CEOIn the early days of World Wide Web, maintaining your reputation was passably a simpler task. Thanks to social media, the customers today can overtly discourse their opinions, raise grievances and bespoke reviews. As a result of this leeway, negative reviewing has also raised alarm as it directly affects the company’s reputation and revenues. According to Deloitte study, ‘Reputation damage is now the number one concern for business executives globally, with 88 percent claims to explicitly focusing on reputation risk as a key challenge’. Adeptly salvaging the image & online reputation of brands since 2000, much before the mass awareness, CNET Infosystem has carved remarkable niche in the industry by providing unmatched IT solutions for SEO, online reputation management (proactive & repair), internet marketing and website promotion, tailored to the client’s long term and short term needs. “We provide both proactive & repair ORM as branding solution. Our aim is to educate people what is actual reputation management rather than just getting the temporary arrangement,”quotes Kapil Garg, CEO, CNET Infosystem.
Branding Through ORM
A master of ORM, CNET proffers customized solutions with long term planning and integrates the knowledge based system (intellectual property core to CNET’s name) it has built pouring years of experience, to protect client’s name and brand. This expertise helps in analyzing several case studies and edifying clients about the process know-how and project delivery. Breaking the myth that ORM is merely a social media content distribution process, the company creates extraordinary results by focusing upon perception formation in the market to accentuate branding.

A master of ORM, CNET proffers customized solutions with long term planning and integrates the knowledge based system it has built pouring years of experience, to protect client’s name and brand

While many competitors promise content erasure for negative review removal, CNET takes an edge over with its content firewall solution wherein negative reviews are pushed down from the first few pages of search results by deploying SEO tactics. The company concocts a positive environment in all the media verticals that invites credibility to the brand’s name and dilutes negativity with audience support, hence neutralizing criticism. The authentic implementation of systematic approach and
knowledge based system including strategic content distribution system and URL creation highlights positive content value and controls reputation damage.

Teaming Triumph
CNET's in-house ORM team explores knowledge based system, deploys human intelligence and real-time analytics based on case study, technicality, content, platform, location and security for new developments and techniques. As the company works in a decentralized framework, the experts constantly innovate, organize campaigns, develop apps, interact with customers and create real web data to elevate client’s reputation. Resultantly, CNET is developing in-house products to provide add-on services to customers that would aid them track their entire reputation campaigns and filter it as per the market tone to gain insights. When it comes to data security, the company leaves no crater for breaches by using VPN services in times of content posting globally.

Headquartered in Noida with offices across Dubai and Canada, CNET records revenue growth in multi-folds and envisions having a global market platform crowd-pulling success while also retaining its existing reputed clientele base encompassing cricketers, celebrities & politicians. “We are planning to get into a business segment where we have long term relationship with the customer and give them the real reputation they are looking for,” concludes Kapil.