Clearcut Design: At the Intersection of Cognitive Psychology, Design, Business, & Cutting-Edge Tech

In today’s fast-paced society, the most successful websites/applications are those that respond quickly and efficiently. Design and software are now heavily based on user experience because it has become all about the consumer. One may have the most powerful product or service online, but if the usability doesn’t cater to the needs of varied target segments, then all exertion is lost. A brand gets just a few seconds to engage and grab a customer, and a good UX/UI can play a key role in customer retention. Being an exemplary practitioner of this skill, Clearcut Design, a professional website designing and software product development company located in Hyderabad, leaves a mark in the UX/UI space through super empathetic user-friendly designs that cause emotional success for the users and financial success for the business.

A Unique Approach

Clearcut is a full stack creative product development agency. It isn’t a typical design and Dev shop that just blindly executes clients requirements. Instead, it elaborately evaluates a client’s business model, core hypothesis before beginning the design & development process. This is a factor which differentiates Clearcut from its peer competitors as this is something not many companies choose to follow. With such dedicated work culture, the company claims to take up a project from the stage when it’s just an idea on a paper, to a live project with full-fledged functionality.
Praneeth Kasula,  Founder & CEO

Praneeth Kasula

Founder & CEO

We are business strategists, product designers with expertise in Cognitive Behavioural Science, Human-Computer Interaction Science, Craft of UI Design, and also deeply advanced in Technology

From infancy, all the way to the launch, the firm designs & builds applications considering it as their own product. Currently, Clearcut boasts some of the most cutting edge Dev stack in the country with the likes of React & React Native for Front end, GraphQL & AWS serverless for backend. This has helped Clearcut in being rapid fast in delivering ultra-modern, design centric software that’s built to adapt to fast paced business and user needs.

Strategy is the Key to Success

“We are business strategists, product designers with expertise in Cognitive Behavioural Science, Human-Computer Interaction Science, Craft of UI Design, and also deeply advanced in Technology,” claims Praneeth Kasula, Founder & CEO, Clearcut Design.
Adapting a holistic view of product building, the firm focuses on business strategy, designing and development all with the same emphasis, as it believes that each one of these are crucial for overall success of a business. It also focuses heavily on being empathetic to users & entrepreneurs and understands their psychology in order to build products that are admired by all.

Clearcut takes pride in being the designing partner for Zyppys, an online outstation cab booking platform. When Zyppys started witnessing a plunge in their growth trajectory along with the rise in the user acquisition cost, they approached Clearcut, and it helped Zyppys with their Business Strategy, Product Design and Development. With a fresher looking brand, pivoted business model, and seamless product experience that was built on the most flexible technologies, Clearcut helped Zyppys in bringing the user acquisition cost down by 35 percent. Such efforts have helped Clearcut to gain the trust of various clients worldwide.

Keen on continuously learning new technologies, markets and pyschologies, the company is currently working on skilling up to cater augmented reality, mixed reality as well as virtual reality design and development. Incepted in October 2015, Clearcut has over 15 employees across Hyderabad, Bangalore and Los Angeles offices catering to top-notch clientele including Meraevents, The August Fest, University of California and PIX North America to name a few. Last year, Clearcut has witnessed a total revenue of $100,000 and by following aggressive marketing strategy and rebranding, it currently envisions to grow by five times this year