City Planners: Offering End-to-End Surveying & Engineering Consultancy Services

Mohan Ambigapathi,   DirectorUrbanization is currently at its all time high across the world. According to latest UN reports, more than half of the global population currently lives in urban areas, while the urban share worldwide is rising from around one third in 1950 to around two-thirds in 2050. Research firm The Insight Partners predicts that the global urban planning & design software market which stood at $2.91 billion in 2021 is expected to be worth $4.53 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 6.6 percent during the forecast period.

The scenario is no different in India. Being the second most populated country and the fastest growing economy in the world, the government has launched many initiatives towards the infrastructure development in the country. This has given a major boost to the Indian urban planning and design services industry. Although there are a multitude of companies in this space, not all are adept at the latest technologies & trends, and thus fall short in terms of quality.

Standing-out among the crowd through its proven mettle in this space is City Planners. Headquartered in Chennai, the company was incepted in 2005, and since then, carved a niche for itself in the industry by offering high quality urban planning & design services to consultants, contractors, concessionaires, state government agencies and central
government authorities. “During the initial days of my career, I had visited many foreign countries and observed the urban planning industry there very closely. After returning back to India in 2005, I observed that there was a gap in the industry which needed to be addressed. So, leveraging my experience of working with several international firms, I incepted City Planners to offer international quality urban planning services in India”, says Mohan Ambigapathi (Director, City Planners), explaining about the inception story.

As a multidisciplinary surveying and engineering consultancy firm, City Planners offers a wide range of services that include Urban Planning & Infrastructure Design, Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering, Highway Engineering, Master Planning of Airports & Cities, Surveys & Investigations, and Architecture & Statutory Planning, to name a few. Additionally, the company also specializes in the areas of Surveying, Investigations, Concept Development, Master Planning, Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Implementation and Project Management in the field of Buildings & Transportation Infrastructure and Electrical Engineering.

Being one of the most reputed organizations in the industry, City Planners’ team consists of highway designers, traffic modelers, bridge engineers, urban planners, architects, civil engineers and 3D & BIM modelers who have profound knowledge of the industry by serving in companies across India, Qatar, Middle East and Europe. Thus, the company envisions imparting this international experience of its team with the local knowledge to offer highly efficient services. Keeping in mind the price conscious mindset of customers in India, the company ensures cost effectiveness of its solutions by having the latest technologies and software in place to improve the efficiency of its process cycle. However, what makes City Planners unique is that it continues to offer its support to customers till each of their projects become operational.

“We are engaging with our new clients and imparting knowledge about new methods as to how inhouse requirements can be outsourced in engineering and planning field to get the projects done to completion as per schedule with the client’s requirement. Since we support our clients till the operation of the projects, they are extremely welcoming. Our timely support provided to clients through a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals make our services truly appealing. NHAI, L&T, IVRCL, CMRL, and RELIANCE are few of the prestigious clients we are catering to. Moving forward, we want to offer training to new entrants in the field with focus on new capabilities. We are also planning to start an on the job training institution for skill development in Civil Engineering and Urban Planning”, concludes Mohan.