Citadel Technomech: Preserving, Maintaining & Improving Environment with Comprehensive Waste Management Services

Manish Tiwari, Founder

Manish Tiwari, Founder

With growth in manufacturing and domestic consumption, India’s total waste production is set to increase from its current annual rate of 62 million tons to 162 million tons by 2030 (Press Information Bureau). While waste management is a huge problem in our country, managing it in a proper manner is the need of the hour. Indore-based Citadel Technomech, a waste management service provider takes the undaunted responsibility towards creating a safe and clean environment by providing solid waste collection, transfers, composting and disposals services. This enables Citadel to offer a full range of environmental services to municipal and commercial customers. “With more than 12 years of experience, we are one of the few who started Solid Waste Management services in Madhya Pradesh. We are one of the leading providers of comprehensive waste and environmental services in India,” says Manish Tiwari, Founder, Citadel Technomech.

Working on a Brighter & Greener Future
What differentiates Citadel from other solution providers is its aim to achieve a clean & eco-friendly city with core values of considering the city as its responsibility. With belief that sustainable environment
is equally important for every living being on this planet, Citadel encourages recovery & reuse of valuable resources with proper waste management strengthening the process of controlling Earth’s climate.

"What differentiates Citadel from other solution providers is its aim to achieve a clean & eco-friendly city with core values of considering the city as its responsibility"

Citadel’s solid waste management service has the capability of serving customers across MP door-to-door, ranging in size from single residential subscription to large national customers/govt bodies with a comprehensive, one-source waste program to serve several locations. Its strategically located transfer stations consolidate, compact and load waste from collection vehicles to larger transport equipment, which is then transported to a processing or disposal site. And for the disposal process, Citadel proposes to operate its sites according to standards of safety and environmental compliance that goes beyond regulatory requirements.

Citadel also has expertise in designing & construction of sanitary landfills, including supply, establishment, operation & maintenance of C&D (Construction & Demolition) processing plant. The organization is amongst the first few to establish the plant for C&D waste with new technology and has successfully established the same in Indore followed by Ujjain. With a well-equipped testing lab for testing of the products to ensure utmost quality before sending it to market, Citadel follows Municipal Solid Waste 2016 rules for waste processing.
On the business front, the organization is dedicated to develop green technology and processes that will help set new global standards in waste recycling and resource fields towards a brighter and greener future life. Citadel will also focus on the C&D waste recycle considering the growth of the cities and their need for three important aspects, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Citadel intents to provide comprehensive solutions for Design, Supply, Establishment of Construction & Demolition Waste Processing Plant and Running Operations and Maintenance of the C&D waste.

It is also considering the option to recover and process methane gas (naturally produced in landfills) into an energy source for generating power. It is planning to supply enough landfill gas to create more than 2 Megawatts of green energy that could power several homes or replace barrels of oil every year.

The Brighter Future
The company promises a hygienic & safe working environment to employees and believes in up-skilling them through various training programs. With its established plants at Singrauli, Satna & Rewa and best-in-class services, Citadel has bagged award in Swachhata Sarvekshan 2017 for Rewa and also has been recognized by Govt by Gazette Notification as a Compost Manufacturer.

Citadel has also established a C&D plant in Indore which is functional today and the same is also on the cards for Ujjain. The organization looks forward to increase its base from Indore to all major cities of MP.