Chakraborty & Associates: Offering a Legal Protection to Your Innovations through Proactive Licensing & Enforcement Services

While common notion lies in patent infringement being akin to piracy causing a damage of millions of dollars to the publishing, entertainment, cosmetics, and mobile accessory industry to name a few, it runs deeper than mere duplication of products. For instance, the(almost) decade old patent war between Apple and Samsung enunciates the rampant plagiarism within every market and the weak patent regulations that often leaves organisation susceptible to the theft sharks.

Helping businessmen, inventors, scientists, and authors to navigate through this complicated maze and to protect their company assets & rights through its Intellectual Property Enforcement and licensing services is Kolkata based Chakraborty & Associates (C&A). The law firm is committed to help business persons, scientists, inventors and authors to fortify their efforts and final products & ideas from infringement. “Our specialty lies in Intellectual Property matters, namely Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, Copyrights and Geographical Indications, with additional assistance in Civil, Criminal, Arbitration and Company Law that grants us the coveted position of being a one-stop-licensing and enforcement solution for our clients,” states Partha Prosun Chakraborty, Founder & Proprietor, Chakraborty & Associates.

C&A’s full effort in continuous innovation skills and smarter strategies help gain customer satisfaction. The firm continuously adopts to technical changes and blends them with its industrial
know how to offer contemporary and of the age solutions, and is further making a mark in the industry with its contributions in Business Advisory and Assurance Services.

Partha Prosun Chakraborty,Founder & Proprietor
Partha Prosun Chakraborty
Founder & Proprietor

" C&A is committed to help business persons, scientists, inventors and authors to fortify their efforts and final products & ideas from infringement"

Help During Trying Times
Patent infringement cases often push clients into despair where they end up facing unwanted litigation. C&A helps its customers tackle the situation head on by understanding the issue at hand, undertaking end-to-end research and engaging in a meaningful dialogue with them to find the right solution to effectively secure their intellectual property rights. Partha further adds, “We create incentives for individuals and firms to invest in research & development, and to commercialize inventions and other creations by empowering them to profit from their creative activities”. The firm has pursued proceedings before various Statutory Bodies & Tribunals and all Court of Law in India as well as at abroad in Litigation, Drafting of Arguments, Documentation, Mergers
and Acquisition in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Industrial and several other matters.

The clients are benefitted by the team of 12 highly experienced & senior advocates, lawyers, consultants and technologists who offer advice in selecting unique litigation free mark, design, artistic work or invention to nip the patent law suits in the bud. Their keen deployment of the official records helps clients continue their business in a hassle free manner, with good marketing strategy to create a strong market presence. This overall assistance is achieved in a paperless manner through phone or e-mail.

Furthermore, by adapting to contemporary practices and blending technology with the industrial know-how, C&A offers unconventional and of-the-age solutions. Thanks to its market survey skills, years of experience and its contribution to business advisory & assurance services, clients like Ambuja Neotia, Duncans Group and many other industries are subjected to maximum benefits from their intellectual property rights. C&A is constantly improvising through innovative ideas and solving complexities through its unconventional practices that has built the goodwill and reputation for a continued relationship with all the clients. Focusing on quality service and client satisfaction, C&A is on the mission to achieve Rs.100 crore revenue by 2025. “Amidst these numerous visions and missions, our honesty and results will always be remembered,” concludes Partha.