Celcion Events: Providing Impeccable Corporate Event Management Services

Bijay Bhattachan,DirectorWhat is the event planning recipe for success? A bowl full of professionalism, a slice of innovative entertaining ideas, a pinch of humour and finally sauté it with troubleshooting attitude and world-class execution.

Celcion stay in the creative mode by offering an array of custom made events that appeal to a wide range of audiences

But, does this recipe guarantee success? No. Despite bringing all the best together, there could be collateral damages which can be eliminated only by understanding the stakeholders and prioritizing their purpose of event. And Celcion Events expertizes in creating events with this Midas touch every time. The company delves deep into clients’ requirements and the purpose of the event at minute levels to assure best services. Consistently over-delivering, bringing new concepts to the table and providing acute attention to
what exactly is trending has helped Celcion exceed clients’ expectations.

Services Offered
With time and perfection, this 2012 founded company has become one of the premier Entertainment and Event Management Company in the country specializing in Corporate events such as trade shows, seminars/conferences, product launches, meet and greet events, business/corporate dinners, employee engagement program at client location, corporate annual function, project parties and many more. Celcion has also been hosting celebrity shows, live music, and many such overwhelming events alongside Salsa shows and workshops. It has been hosting the weekly Salsa Social over 3.5years and Desi Karaoke for about 28 months in Bangalore, making it the longest running Hindi Karaoke event.

Celcion provides end-to-end services and takes care of all possible requirements of an event, whether it is lights, sounds, Venue or Artiste. “We stay in the creative mode by offering an array of custom made events that appeal to a wide range of audiences,” says Bijay Bhattachan, Director, Celcion. The vast experience that Celcion has gained in this short timeframe helps the company constantly upgrade its strengths in various capacities of event management and execution.

The Uniqueness
“Our passion is managing behind-the-scenes details to deliver a superior event experience for our
clients/audience. We thrive on delighting our valued customers by helping them host events that meet or exceed their business goals,” asserts Bijay. Overcoming challenges akin to adjusting to match or exceed the competition and keep business profitable, finding right candidate/team building, and having trustworthy and punctual vendors, today Celcion has established a brand name within the corporate event management industry. Leveraging the existing contacts with high quality deliverables, Celcion ensures best artiste/venue for the given budget and best services for its sponsors.

The company does intensive event promotion through right channels, have constant update and review of the feedbacks by the clients and participants to make future events more successful. Wherever possible, it sets prices that reflect the value Celcion provides, not just the cost. But event cancellation/postponement, relocation or abandonment is a part of the industry. Hence, Celcion settles the score with mutual discussion and make sure none of the parties are at bigger loss.

Celcion now plans to foray into new segments of the market such as collaborating with reputed clubs and artiste in India on launching of new product, focusing on providing elite club experience to its members, and others. The company is also open to partner/collaborate with genuine individuals and companies who can contribute to its upcoming key product ‘PARTY VIP’.