Carrot Films: Building your Brand with Premium Corporate Videos

Ashish Dutta, Director

Ashish Dutta


The human brain is the most complex thing that exists today. With its numerous memorizing potentials, it is still believed that the human brain can remember only 20 percent of what they HEAR, 30 percent of what they SEE but 50 percent or more of what they SEE and HEAR. Hence, videos are the most effective mode to reach the heart and head of an audience. With Digital technologies emerging rapidly, companies are taking their brand to higher levels with the help of corporate video production services while keeping in mind the interests of their targeted audience. Recognizing the growth potential of a corporate video advertisement, many companies are looking for better video production houses to cater to their branding needs.

Set up in 2002, Carrot Films is one such firm which was set up by a group of media professionals with a vision to tell compelling stories while meeting specified communication requirements. Being one of the leading corporate video production firms in Delhi, Carrot Films understands its client needs and therefore offers a wide range of video production services. “We are undoubtedly Delhi’s largest film production house catering to the social sector. However, we are not limited to the social and development sectors alone, our services
cater to the Fortune 100 and fortune 500 clients as well in various departments ranging from Corp Comm, HR, Admin, Production, HSE, etc as we feel that every department today needs films ” says Ashish Dutta, Director, Carrot Films.

Carrot films has a team of expert video makers who are capable of creating top-quality corporate videos, equipped with a latest and most up-to-date suite of equipment inhouse

As a professional video production service provider, Carrot films has a team of expert video makers who are capable of creating top quality corporate videos, equipped with a latest and most up-to-date suite of equipment in house. Ashish says, “We take pride in doing a lot of research before offering concepts and scripts. In today’s fast evolving world, a good idea is more important than a ton of great equipment. So ideation is our main focus today. We spend a lot of time researching an organization”. From creating a brilliant and unique concept to scripting, filming and editing, the team at Carrot helps its clients get the most out of their videos. Ashish continues, “I think the whole process of film making is a collaborative effort. Everyone in our team has to put their best foot forward and work towards making the whole package great! Even one missing cog in the wheel can make you end up with a substandard product”.

Carrot Films has the manpower and technology that has allowed them to work in almost all geographical regions of India and overseas as well. Having worked with clients like UNICEF, GIZ, ADB, NHK Japan, Doordarshan, The World Bank, FICCI, WWF, EduMedia, Ministry of External Affairs, ONGC, DELL, Fab India, Havells, Jindal, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Whirlpool, Nestle, Canon, Honeywell, Samsung, Amazon, Christian Dior, Tag Heuer and more, Carrot Films has made more than 1200 films till date. The strong suite of Carrot has always been sensitive socio cultural issues of the civil society including gender, children, access to rights, facilities, and environment. With stress on quality, recognitions and awards follow automatically. Carrot’s films has been recognized at over 50 film festivals across the world including IFFI Goa, Mumbai International Film Festival, Kolkata International Film Festival, IDPA Awards for Excellence, CMS Vatavaran, Jeevika, Amazonas Film Festival, Woodpecker International Film Festival to name a few.