Fortune Talkies: A Dynamic Creative Agency with Independent Production Capabilities

Faraz Shere,  Founder

Faraz Shere


With the world embracing internet like never before, sharing information and messages via interactive videos is becoming more and more popular. While any individual or corporate can come up with a video, creating a video which can be effective and can communicate the right message while invoking the interest of the viewers to take a call to action is what matters. Based out of Delhi & Mumbai, Fortune Talkies offers a holistic service platform to the customers, which takes care of every single requirement that they may have. An award-winning creative agency and production house, Fortune Talkies delivers outstanding, incisive and comprehensive branding and communication solutions with an objective towards driving in increased sales growth to the national & global clients.

A dynamic creative agency with independent production capabilities, Fortune Talkies provides a plethora of services such as Campaign Ideas & Execution, TVCs, Digital Films, Corporate Reels, Product Launch Films, Sales and Training AVs, 2D/3D Animation, TV Shows and Documentaries and many more. “From providing a smorgasbord of pitches to working out the most optimal execution of the idea in production, to finally delivering the finished product across the various formats, we deliver the best and maximum service to the clients every step of the way. At Fortune Talkies our drive is to crank out the maximum potential from any given resource. Thus, the firm’s way of working also involves dabbling in various fronts to deliver maximized output.
We execute corporate shoots, campaigns, digital films, and all sorts of audio-visual production that is tailor made to our clients’ requirements. That’s the reason our clientele extends from international brands to smaller local businesses, as we provide something for every one of them and this is one reason that maximum of our clients are repeat clients,” says Faraz Shere, Founder, Fortune Talkies.

An award winning creative agency and production house, Fortune Talkies delivers outstanding branding solutions with an objective towards driving-in increased sales growth to the national & global clients

The aspect that differentiates Fortune Talkies from that of its counterpart is the dynamic and creative approach with independent production capabilities. Further the firm has also served various clients over the years such as New Holland, Sonalika Tractors, JK Paper, Save The Children, Fiat, Easyday, Avaya, Max, W for Woman Tanishq, DLF, Idea, Unicef, Telenor, Amrane, SRS Jewells, Sufiyana, GSMA, Solis Tractors, Jivi Mobiles, Jiva Ayurveda, Alpha Century London is to name a few. “We have always ensured that we deliver the highest quality of content to our clients. Not just in a technical sense, but also from a story telling perspective. The idea is to clearly communicate what the brand is all about, and keeping it crisp and neat. To ensure the best delivery of our ideas through smart execution, the firm spends a lot of time and effort on prep. The company is going into the minutiae of every moving part in the development stage. Once we’re set, it’s all about going out there and following the plan. That saves a lot of hassle during production. Client satisfaction is the Holy Grail for Fortune Talkies. The company treats clients as part of their family, and are always there for them. Thus, client support is not just a professional commitment but the lifeblood of our organization,” elaborates Faraz.

Fortune Talkies has also won various awards and recognition like DAC ICE SAARC Creative Excellence Award 2016 and 2017 for Sunblaze Appliances TVC, JK Paper TVC Award and many more. The firm with an optimistic outlook aspires to increase and revenue in the years to come. The company also aims to expand geographically in the years to come. “In the future Fortune Talkies will be venturing into bold new directions, expanding upon the skill-set of corporate and advertising production. The firm has already setup up their filmmaking division by the name of Fortune Talkies Motion Pictures, which will focus on producing fresh and original content for the Indian hinterland market and create full-length feature film in Hindi and regional languages,” concludes Faraz.