Bizminder: Serving SMEs & MSMEs through its Three Ace Approach

Nandan Malu, Director

Nandan Malu


one of the leading biotechnology companies wanted its business unit strategy to be implemented across different industry segments that company operated in, in order to derive actual profits earned by different segments.To achieve this goal, the company wanted an advisor who could evaluate the plan and execute it. This is where it collaborated with Pune based Bizminder Advisory Group that not only helped in evaluating the plan but also developed a comprehensive business unit strategy in an efficient way. It also did a bench marking study with industry peers on various key performance indicators, helping management derive company’s business position in market place. This is one of the many success stories of Bizminder,a consulting firm that provide financial strategy & management advisory services to various sectors.

Services Offered

Founded in 2009, Bizminder is more of a boutique debt and financial advisory firm. Focused most lyon SMEs and MSMEs, it offers services in three categories, namely fund raising, debt resolution and retainer services. As a part of its fund raising
debt resolution and retainer services. As a part of its fund raising services, the company provides structured financing where it evaluates the overall structure,cash flows & business environment to understand how repayments can be made for existing or proposed debt,there by helping businesses get terms that are practically implementable & minimal possibility of cash flow over runs and helps them raise funds from various options. Under its flagship offerings of debt resolution and retainer services, Bizminder helps clients in realignment of debt service obligations, business turn around strategies, debt restructuring with existing banks by way of renegotiating terms and re-aligning terms to current business environment, business plan preparation & execution, and consultation on specific business issues. Acting as the Virtual CFO, Bizminder also provides strategic financial advisory services on retainer basis through real time monitoring of business positions.

We design the inancial structure in a way that it is aligned to management’s views, strengths in performance and long term strategy

The Uniqueness

As a financial advisor, Bizminder delivers services taking into account three important factors, popularly known as three Ace Approach: Approach of Management, Analysis
of Performance and Assessment of long term plan. “We design the financial structure in a way that it is aligned to management’s views, strengths in performance and long term strategy, leading to achievement of targets and company growing at defined growth rate,” asserts NandanMalu, Director, Bizminder Advisory Group. The company brings onboard, deliverables that take entity,environment and entrepreneur into account and help clients implement the decided plans. It believes in getting results rather than mere reports thus, making it very successful.

Future Roadmap

This dynamic company has equally dynamic, like-minded professionals with methodological work styles and refreshingly different approach,working under its umbrella. While getting the best of industry talentand building an exceptional credit risk and assessment team being the herculean challenges for the industry, Bizminder collaborates with placement cells of management institutes to have best talent on board and train them with the best industry practices.

With the help of these excellences, Bizminder has been successfully serving clients across various sectors like education, healthcare, pharma & manufacturing. The company is no win the process to develop some great internal operational software that will enhance its productivity. It also looks forward to increase its team size to 40 in the next two years and hopes to generate revenue aroundRs.10-15 crore.