BioSpectrum India: Distinct Perspectives on Life Sciences Trends

Ravi Boratkar,Publisher
Ravi Boratkar, Publisher

Life sciences is a constantly evolving field. Staying up-to-date with these evolutions, especially for busy executives who carry expertise and interests on these grounds is a task, yet it is highly necessary to keep a track of these evolutions. What poses as a challenge is, trying to find relevant and reliable sources to ensure one gets the right piece of information. The online magazine portal BioSpectrum India is one such forum that stages the ever-evolving and on-going developments in these fields providing access to a wide range of information covering areas from bio-technology, bio pharma & pharma to life sciences, medical technology and healthcare.

Established in 2003 and acquired by MM Activ Sci Tech Communications a decade later, the distinct online magazine portal pays attention to providing information where the online and printed versions differ, thus giving its audience wider and frequently updated content. The web magazine holds a key feature presenting two different portals for two different regions, where India centric developments are displayed on the biospectrum portal and APAC related updates with keen interests in the development of
business and science on portal.

" BioSpectrum India throws out a reputed platform to notable bioscience business folks and government bodies escalating the magazines visitor base to over 250,000 per month"

Featured Magazine Highlights & Audience Outreach
Aiming at drawing links from the industry to experts and policy makers, BioSpectrum India caters to investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, technology providers, industry leaders and heads of research & development institutions, providing news feeds along with analysis through video contents on the online portal. The well categorized news feeds are spread under segments like finance, scientific research, academics, collaborations, startups and bio suppliers that are festooned with continuous updates on subjects like, pharmaceuticals, bio-pharma, bio-technology, health IT, and many more throughout the day to enhance navigation across the portal. The weekends are filled with slots of important news feeds when ever outbreaks of significant events occur.

Perpetuating that content is king and consisting of an efficient and well-versed team, the magazine works towards providing its visitors with easy, precise navigation of content that delivers visitor-oriented results. It takes into consideration time constraints of busy executives and circulates daily e-newsletters that highlight developments in respective sectors along with video clips of various imperative events and spokes persons of various
industries. With an audience comprising of business and industry experts to exclusive forums for students seeking careers in healthcare, bio-pharma and bio-technology arenas, BioSpectrum India throws out a reputed platform to notable bioscience business folks and government bodies escalating the magazines visitor base to over 250,000 per month, with a subscriber base of over 25,000.

Digitalizing Progress & Forthcoming ventures
BioSpectrum India recently launched a Google App for its print editions, developed a 360 degree social media profile and built an innovation community structure that played instrumental in displaying its content on several prominent platforms such as Facebook news release, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Google Play news stand and other online communities. News audio systems were installed on the portal and BioSpectrum Webinars were launched to share company information and connect live with clients and customers, which are effective ways of capturing its audience, within a single platform.

The online magazine is taking a global stance, widening its prospects into establishing financial analysis of the finance sector, developing content on management issues, launching full-fledged video bulletins and accommodating online job portals to serve the student community as well. Channeling ventures to reach other areas of interest, the magazine is building a platform that will leave its audience with an experience to grow potential opportunities and enrich their knowledge based on recent life sciences trends and updates.