Beyond Red Ocean Consulting: Propelling Growth by Helping Get out of the Entrepreneur Conundrum

Moloy Chakravorty,Founder & MD

Moloy Chakravorty

Founder & MD

The global reality of the education system is those very few institutions in the world have a curated program to train the youth to become an entrepreneur. Most of the education system trains individuals to become great professionals in an enterprise. Several characteristics of successful entrepreneurs like innovativeness as well as creativity, proactiveness, emotional intelligence, perseverance, determination, problem-solving, and responsibility are rarely focused on in traditional education systems.

There are times when the conventional education system overpowers certain valuable personality traits which are the essence of entrepreneurship. In most education systems around the world, the evaluation system is based on testing what the student fails to know. Students are afraid of making mistakes. Understanding that making errors is a normal part of learning is essential in being able to become an entrepreneur.

Then comes a time in the life of many successful professionals when the entrepreneurship bug bites, and they embark on the journey of entrepreneurship. Globally, Small and Medium Businesses have not been started by entrepreneurs. Worldwide Most Small and Medium Business have been started by technicians.

You can't Google your way out of a problem that you aren't sure how to articulate-or worse, how to anticipate. It is no surprise that almost 80% of new businesses die within the first 5 years and a significant number of those who survive struggle to reach annual revenues of USD 1 million.

Entrepreneurs build a righteous fence around themselves, which is powered by the mindset of always being right. The "Yes Approach" to everything wherein logically the pertinent approach should have been NO creates strenuous situations they did not envision. They spend so much time building a cage around themselves as entrepreneurs that are self-imposed. The cage of compromising
their standards and then blaming others because of it. The cage of being a victim to a situation they created.

"A coach helps them navigate through these unseen roadblocks and focus on the big picture. They act as a liaison between you and your vision without creating a detriment to your state of mind. They equip the entrepreneurs and business owners with skills and tools they require to manage themselves and their business in an efficient manner" - Moloy Chakravorty, Founder & Director at Beyond Red ocean Consulting.

At BROC, our Philosophy is propelling success for ambitious entrepreneurs so that they can have A Commercial, Profitable, Enterprise that works without THEM!

Beyond Red Ocean Consulting is a Licensed ActionCoach Business Coaching Company in India. ActionCOACH is the World's #1 Business Coaching firm and Coaches 15,000 businesses in 39 countries every week. Action COACH addresses the transformation and sustainability needs of Small and Medium Business across the World with their offices across the globe.

After spending 2 plus decades in the Corporate World, he kick-started his Entrepreneurship Journey in 2015 with­ Beyond Red Ocean Consulting. In the past 6 years, he has set up 3 organizations - Quinton Air and Odor Management Pvt Ltd, Hire Desk Management Services LLP and Pet Bhore. He is also passionate about teaching and is a visiting faculty in leading Management Institutes in Mumbai, Dubai, and Delhi for the past 22 years.

It is an undeniable fact that most successful people are either backbenchers or dropouts. This perfectly resonates with Moloy Chakravorty's life as well. He was never the one who secured a great rank at studies but was always diligent at his work. Some reproving decisions made at that tough time made him realize the importance of a mentor. He understood that most of our decisions are due to unprecedented situations, confusion, peer or family pressure. With his ability to connect with people of all ages and his leadership skills, he realized his calling to be a Coach and thus Beyond Red Ocean Consulting was set up.

The Silver Lining
Today, Moloy is recognized as one of the leading business coaches in India. Moloy's passion is to work with ambitious business owners, and he derives pride and satisfaction from seeing their businesses grow exponentially. He believes that the growth of the Indian economy will be driven by Indian Entrepreneurs. He aims to bring abundance to the Indian startup community via redirecting business owners through education.

"I recall the wise words, "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think." It is so true that people's behavior is the result of their thoughts and beliefs. Our mindset decides our actions and our actions will determine our happiness, success, and wealth.

As a Business Growth Coach, my goal is to help business owners address the triple challenges of team, time and money which will help escape them from early-stage burnout; and thus allow them to build a business legacy. Like Andy Warhol has famously said - "The Idea is Not to Live Forever. But to Create Something that will" mentions Moloy Chakravorty.