BetterSupply: Unified e-Procurement Solution for Digital Transformation

 Syed Kutboddin,   Co-Founder - Marketing & Sales

Syed Kutboddin

Co-Founder - Marketing & Sales

India's position as the world's sixth-largest economy, along with its increasing competitiveness across a wider range of industries, has made it a desirable supply base. Proactive procurement teams from around the world and across industries are already enticed to integrate India into their international inbound supply chains due to the expanding opportunities in India. As the market is home to 1.35 billion people moving with constant speed towards growth, there are plenty of hurdles and hazards to overcome. Many people in India, as well as across international borders, are optimistic about the future of procurement. The reality, on the other hand, is highly unpredictable on the ground. Significantly, realizing the importance of on-the-ground support with a thorough grasp of the market for successful supplier selection as well as navigating many cultural complexities is BetterSupply. BetterSupply has acknowledged that supplier performance and procurement process management necessitate agility from assuring effective supply contract execution to the intricacies of quality management, expediting, and logistics coordination.

Having born and thrived around the pandemic phase, BetterSupply has taken digitization as a core part of its creed, One Stop Shop for its customers. BetterSupply is built from the ground up with the motivation to make business spending smart & simple while delivering operational excellence to its customers. “Our unified e-procurement platform provides a completely digitized
solution that makes purchasing a breeze while providing full control over the company's spending. At BetterSupply, we provide a complete procure-to-pay ecosystem that enables businesses to perform faster, smarter and economical purchasing of all workplace and industrial needs,” signifies Anas S, Co-founder & Client Relationship Head

Better Supply’s intuitively designed platform offers PR/PO based purchasing from selected 10,000+ products across many categories, backed by a vast network of manufacturers and trusted dealers across India and Middle East, ensuring best value for money for clients. The firm offers free registration and access to several integrated spend management features such as, customized approval flows to give complete control and enforce organization compliance to business rules, feature for initiating RFQs for new products, a central repository to access all spend data as well as an intelligent dashboard and reporting which provides a bird's-eye view of all companywide transactions, complimented by dedicated service management team to ensure customer delight.

BetterSupply is built from the ground up with the motivation to make business spending smart & simple while delivering operational excellence to its customers

In the coming years, the firm will be focusing towards three areas -People, Process, and Platform. Starting from upskilling its current team, the firm will be looking into new skill sets such as Analytical mind, technology savvy, agile, and the ability to teach and collaborate. In coming years they will be dealing with process refinement. BetterSupply wants its internal procedures to be well-aligned so that there's enough clarity on the frontline and behind the scenes. BetterSupply is moving borders across to middle-east countries, setting up new branches of BetterSupply in countries like KSA, Oman, UAE and more. With clients in various regions, the firm will have a diversified range of suppliers, which will result in different ideas, infrastructure, and perspectives. The company also plans to turn its platform into a marketplace and upgrade it to SaaS. The BetterSupply platform has a stronghold and this makes it easier for them to make adjustments as demand dictates. It is quick and comfortable in upgrading with new technology and adapting latest innovations.

“If we focus on our people, processes, and technology foundation today, we will create a competitive advantage that will be tough to overtake by anyone. Our confidence will be sufficient for us to make a strong foothold in the market,” concludes Syed Kutboddin, CoFounder & Marketing Head.