• Dealberg: Overhauling Procurement to Further Sustained Profitability
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    Dealberg: Overhauling Procurement to Further Sustained Profitability

    Understanding the importance of procurement and supply chains and identifying their weaknesses has become important in the current globalized economy and business world. Apparently, Procurement has been witnessing an unprecedented disruption of technology adoption and operating models to streamline the process. Thanks to COVID-19, the developments in procurement have observed increased acceleration becoming process-oriented, agile, and data-driven. Given the technology reach, with the adoption of PaaS, the procurement as a service market is experiencing growth rising from $6.15 billion in 2022, to registering a growth of 11.1 percent from 2023 to 2030. However, in India where the market is still observing a lot of gaps in procurement, and even the largest of organizations/SMEs are faced...


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