Bayslope: Fuelling IP Management with New-age Innovations

Sarita M,Founder

Sarita M


Most businesses, especially startups, face ambiguities regarding their Intellectual Property (IP) strives. Along with them, well-established corporations/law firms also actively look for consultants who can help them strategize IP effectively. Bayslope being a one-stop technology, IP research & consulting firm, caters to these needs of businesses with the focus of providing high-quality and friendly patent solutions.

It is one of the most prominent Indian firms that cater to 4 primary service pillars of the patent industry including patent preparation, patent prosecution, patent searching research, and patent analytics. It offers innovations from almost all technology sectors ranging from Hitech, Automobiles, Life sciences, Pharma, Semiconductors, and cutting-edge technologies including blockchain, cryptocurrency, mobility, energy management, and others.

'We help our clients realize the potential of their IP portfolio. We either save their budgets through unique offerings such as patent lapse analysis or by rolling patent monetization programs to identify key licensing opportunities. `Our offerings help clients reach the maximum potential of their IP assets. We just not only deliver work products, reports but we solve our clients'real business problems through our offerings. ,' says Sarita Mathania, Founder & Business Lead, Bayslope.

Bayslope is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, and it strictly complies with the underlined quality management system to deliver IP services and consultancy on IP-related matters. The organization adheres to the laws, regulations, guidelines, and specifications relevant to the business processes. The firm has a unique model that ensures the quality of each work product delivered to its clients. The model involves the participation of its top layer of executives and industry experts, who provides solutions to underlying business problems of clients. The review model includes a unique panel called “The Bay Panel” to ensure top-notch quality. The BAY Panel consists of three
layers ­ internal client layer, industry expert, and project expert.

Typically, in outsourcing business, US based clients do not trust Indian firms for patent drafting and prosecution services as these require a perfect balance and understanding of technical and drafting expertise. Mostly, even big companies have this service line, but they close after a point in time. Bayslope has been successful in setting this as a primary service offering for our US and India based clients. With its unmatched offering it has gained a great allowance rate/success rate with the US patent office.

The main risk factor involved in IP business is the security of data received from clients. Bayslope ensures that the data received from its clients are well protected. For example, if our client is Facebook, it doesn't create folders anywhere on the server with the name Facebook. Instead it writes "fab" so that no one can guess who the client is. Thus the company secures both client's name and its data effectively. It also has an internal coding protocol to ensure that it never speaks about confidential data in public even within office environment.

Further, the firm uses well-established processes to ensure client data confidentiality, including signing off non-disclosure agreements before the commencement of work on any client's project. It also ensures that once the project is received, the team has restricted access, and only the critical team working directly on the project has access to the data. In addition, the platforms and tools that are utilized to work on client projects are fully audited by the experts at Bayslope.

Our offerings help clients reach the maximum potential of their IP assets. We just not only deliver work products, reports but we solve our clients’real business problems through our offerings

Making Innovation the Key to Success
Bayslope has provided consultation to more than 500 early-stage startups and is still counting. It is also working towards launching a platform where clients can speak to IP experts and get answers to any query. The IP expert is in talking terms with a few knowledge companies to create unmatched knowledge repositories that technology companies and other corporations can access to enhance the value in their everyday business.

These knowledge repositories are aimed to bridge the gap between technology and IP. One of the firm's other initiatives is where Bayslope's team is working towards launching an interactive platform that would enable it to disseminate or share knowledge with IP enthusiasts. 'We plan to keep this initiative focused on the Indian market, as this initiative would serve our CSR goals. The key to this initiative is to make our people more aware about IP and its worth, which in a way would also contribute to the nation's economy,' says Sarita Mathania, Founder & Business Lead, Bayslope.

The firm works with clients including startups, individual inventors, researchers and universities. `We have launched one platform last year and working on further improving the same that can cater to needs of our clients. They can simply access our platform and can get all our queries solved through different ways. Its 24*7 help desk for people in India in terms of IP market in untapped to its full potential,' says Sarita Mathania, Founder & Business Lead, Bayslope.