BagAChat: Streamlining Business Communication with Highly Integrated Solutions on Instant Messengers

Ujwal Joshi & Anand Desai,Co-Founders
Ujwal Joshi& Anand Desai
Today, billions of people are on instant messengers. A new report from popular market research firm, Neilsen, reveals that over 90 percent of the Indian internet consumers use some kind of messaging application regularly to stay in touch with friends and family. That kind of huge market potential can’t be ignored; that’s why many messenger apps are being increasingly used for marketing nowadays. However, there are not many business solutions around instant messengers to manage these mammoth messenger data. Counted among the globally popular instant messengers, BagAChat provides most productive software solutions that help you integrate WhatsApp and similar messengers with your business systems smartly. Ujwal Joshi, Co-Founder, BagAChat says, “With increased number of communication channels, conventional manual customer care is becoming inefficient for many organizations. BagAChat primarily focuses on these pain points and delivers Live-chat solutions on instant messengers and automated systems including Chat-bot. BagAChat APIs also help build integration with company’s already used systems, ensuring smoothly adapting instant messengers in their current workflow.”
"Whether your requirement is related to dialer data, computer maintenance, email marketing, live-chat, or BPO services"

BagAChat is a cloud based solution that provides software solutions like Live-chat, Customer care, Chat-bot and notification services on popular instant messengers. In fact, they are the sole solution provider around instant messengers, who focus on building reseller network worldwide and creating integration with popular customer service products. BagAChat’s dedicated team supported by top-notch Analytics engines diligently build custom integrations for enterprise clients, specific to their needs. Multi-use customer care, Chat-bot connectivity, ready-made integration with a few popular helpdesk systems, CRM, ERP & other in-house systems of companies and automated business notifications via instant messengers are the highlights of company’s Live- Chat solutions. Delineating more on product peculiarities, Ujwal shares, “The solution is developed with flexibility to extend the features as per enterprise needs. While our solution has been used by clients in different continents across the globe, security is our utmost priority during the product development,testing and deployment. Further, BagAChat is a cloud based system hosted on Amazon cloud – one of the most secure cloud services in the world. It follows all the lean principles with Continuous Integration & Deployment(CI/CD) principles to ensure efficient delivery.”

Currently, BagAChat has clients in around 30 countries and their presence is spread in each continent. Company is serving
clients from various verticals like Power, E-commerce, Retail, Telecom, Fin-tech, Insurance, IT, Agro-tech, Engineering, Travel, Healthcare and Consultancy including a few Fortune 500 companies too. Many globally prominent names are using this innovative firm’s services, which include Adani Power, MTN Telecom and Reliance ADA. As new customers keep partnering with BagAChat, the company’s skilled workforce is discovering creative uses by organizations to tap the popularity of instant messengers– for better customer engagement, convenience and team productivity.

With the services launched in 2016, BagAChat already has broken even since mid-2017 and is expanding rapidly. Initiating a paradigm shift in business communication field worldwide, company has charted out a bright roadmap for the future. Anand Desai, Co-Founder, BagAChat explains, “We have started seeking for funding to ensure rapid growth globally. Company aims to add innovative features and also better marketing to expand our offerings across the globe.” Being one of the pioneers in successfully building business solutions around instant messengers, team BagAChat is shaping their product future-ready through continuous technical improvisation. “More product features are in pipeline around Chat-bot & AI technology. A smart cohesion of manual and automated customer care workflow is coming soon as part of Live-chat offering. Additionally, as high profile companies are adapting the solution already, Campaign Management will also be a strong focus of the company in the coming days,” Anand concludes.