B2B Sales Arrow: A Technology-led Comprehensive Event Management Powerhouse

Paras Lohani,  Founder & CEO

Paras Lohani

Founder & CEO

It is a compelling story of how a philanthropic act inspired a young engineering student to cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship. While pursuing his graduation in 2004, Paras Lohani read an article on L N Mittal, who had donated ₹400 crores to build a freshwater canal for his home village in Rajasthan. Mittal’s compassionate gesture left a deep impression on Paras and inspired him to develop a sustainable income model for fulfilling his dream of giving back to society. Thus, the idea of an enterprise was born!

Paras Lohani attended IIM Bangalore’s Executive Leadership Program in Digital Marketing Transformation and spent six years working for a Global MNC in India before founding B2B Sales Arrow in 2012. At 28, armed with the experience and knowledge he had gained and with a frugal amount of US$1500, Lohani took a giant leap of faith, confident he would make the correct decisions and steer in the right direction.

B2B Sales Arrow specialises in Corporate Events, B2B Lead Generation, Corporate Media Production, Global Contact Discovery Solutions, Advance Digital Solutions, and Custom Market Research.

A decade ago, virtual events and experience creation were only supplementary to the core marketing strategies of businesses. Nonetheless, Paras Lohani’s prudence in his business decision has proven accurate ever since the Coronavirus pandemic, which forced every organisation to transform virtually.
Future-ready organisations like B2B Sales Arrow, which had their business models attuned to providing the entire spectrum of solutions for businesses to achieve their sales and marketing targets, make for remarkable case studies on ‘success stories in the times of disruptions.’ B2B Sales Arrow has grown globally as a leading virtual event technology aggregator and consultant, collaborating with cutting-edge event platforms and successfully assisting multi-billion-dollar organisations with end-to-end virtual event production and delivery.

In the pre-Covid times, B2B Sales Arrow successfully assisted its clients worldwide in hosting various physical events such as NRF in New York, Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, CPhI in Germany, AWS re: Invent, Adobe Summit, to name a few. However, during the pandemic, B2B Sales Arrow invested in reinventing and empowering its HR function, including an in-house Human Resource Management System platform to adapt to the 100% work-from-home phenomenon. The organisation launched a successful pan India recruitment drive to develop a diverse workforce from 20+ nationwide states.

B2B Sales Arrow has grown to thrive in the virtual event space as the leading virtual event technology aggregator and consultant on the global front

A reinvented business strategy enabled the organisation to survive the pandemic and achieve unprecedented growth in the past two years. The team size expanded by more than 70% in just one year of the pandemic, contributing to an exponential increase in business revenues. With investments in full strength research, experimentation, and upskilling and reskilling of the workforce, the organisation developed capabilities in various cutting-edge B2B marketing solutions, such as Virtual Events, Custom Market Research, Live Streaming, Advance Digital Solutions and Corporate Media Production.

Team B2B Sales Arrow places immense pride and unwavering trust in the ten core values, defining its work culture that fosters value creation for its clients and teammates. “During the pandemic, we made sure we were not cutting back; instead, we doubled up on our efforts and investments in experimentation with new business models, knowledge acquisition, certification programs and capacity building”, emphasises Paras Lohani.

B2B Sales Arrow thrives on a team of 55+ highly driven and sharp technology professionals sharing a common objective of delivering the best client experience. As the organisation forges ahead, team B2B Sales Arrow is determined to develop its capabilities around the hybrid model, incorporating the twin powers of virtual and physical events.