Auriga Research: One-of-Its-Kind F&B Testing Pro Aced with Quality, Accuracy & Efficiency

Dr. Saurabh Arora,Managing Director

Dr. Saurabh Arora

Managing Director

Eyeing the recent food adulteration scandals, India’s apex food safety watchdog FSSAI is strengthening food standards through consistent scientific mechanisms and stringent regulations. The authority has proposed to mandate red colour coding display on front labels of packaged food products with high fat, sugar or salt levels. This labeling and display regulation is a robust move for creating a viaduct between consumer awareness and practices. Knitting consumer close-packages with informed regulations, Delhi-based Auriga Research with PAN India presence, is one-stop solution for precise and quality F&B testing of all kinds, right from residual pesticides and GMO testing to microbiology analysis and nutritional labeling.

Founded in 2007 by Dr. Saurabh Arora (Managing Director) and stemming from Arbro’s decades of experience in contract testing, Auriga’s ace laboratories offer comprehensive analysis and advanced product testing services to make regulatory compliance procedure lucid and proffers guidance for scientific manufacturing of tested, trusted products. He adds, “Instead of working like a black box receiving samples and sending reports, we work closely with our customers and render significant technical inputs, especially for companies developing new products for market launch and R&D”. Integrating technical capabilities, work quality
and turnaround time as its key strength; this FSSAI, NABL accredited laboratory serves 10,000+ customers PAN India.

With our experience and vast test menu, we provide technology /methodology, regulatory guidance and perform product analysis with minimal turnaround time

Umbrella Servicing, Reliable Assistance
One of the few labs accredited for a complete and comprehensive scope for food testing, Auriga offers nutritional analysis for vitamins, minerals, energy, fat labeling and safety tests for pesticides, drugs, mycotoxins and allergens detection. While microbiology testing is considered reliable for detecting pathogens and virus presence in food and water, the authenticity of F&B quality and identification of adulterants, poly ingredients and food additives is validated using advanced molecular biology and spectroscopic techniques. Additionally, shelf-life studies performed under expert supervision enables customers to establish a shelf-life for their products.

What adds an extra layer of quality is Auriga’s expertise in analyzing dietary supplements, herbal products and monitoring the quality for national and international exports. This exclusivity is further augmented by sensory evaluation testing wherein a panel of experts performs competitive analysis to ascertain taste and smell consistency while also helping to develop new flavours.

Perhaps the biggest challenges faced by Food Business
Operators (FBOs), especially SMEs, includes identification of relevant procedures, compliance changes, methodologies and sample transportation know-how. “With our experience and vast test menu, we provide technology /methodology, regulatory guidance and perform product analysis with minimal turnaround time. Customers have confidence that their supply chain will not be affected adversely by delays or wrong results,” asserts Dr. Saurabh.

Technical Expertise & Promising Prospects
Auriga epitomizes quality deliverables by deploying technical competency, manpower retention, talent training and building a transparent connection with clients which brings another layer of confidence and excellence. Technologies like chromatography (analysis of fatty acid profile, vitamins, colors & additives purity), mass spectrometers (testing pesticide, drug residues & adulterants) and spectroscopy (detecting heavy metal contaminants) are employed in its state-of-the-art labs with advanced equipment, inclusive of laser diffraction particle size analyzers, real-time PCR and DNA techniques. Meanwhile, it also participates in global proficiency testing programs. Not only does this activity conveys comparative results but also helps in evaluating team’s performance and accuracy labwise.

Auriga graphs revenue growth of 30 percent annually with new labs in action at Bangalore, Baddi and Manesar and an upcoming facility in Sikkim. Owing to a prestigious clientele base including Nestle, Mother Diary, Amway, Patanjali and international clients from Singapore, Sri Lanka and many more, the company has geographical expansion plans in pipeline, envisions tripling its present team size of 350+ pros and escalating efficiency, accuracy results proportionate to Auriga’s growth.