Ash Recyclers: Protecting Environment through its Eco-Friendly e-Waste Management Offerings

The frequent advancement in electronics devices and equipment has spurred the economic growth of the country, but it has also left the world with toxic legacy, as this equipment turns into e-Waste post optimum use. Comprising of highly hazardous materials like mercury, lead, cadmium and more, its disposal requires a professional and an organized solution. Such requirements are scarce in India, thanks to the dominance of the unorganized market of scrap dealers that makes the entire process highly hazardous to human health and the environment. Bangalore-based Ash Recyclers is a comprehensive e-Waste management service provider that in compliance with the law & regulations offers services in recycling, safe & discreet logistics, destruction of sensitive data, and more through its eco-friendly processes to the organizations that offer them their e-Waste.

Unique Approaches
Established in 2005, Ash Recyclers is reckoned as one of the first Government-authorized electronic waste recycler in India, that adhere to the standard operating procedures and an organized approach towards the agenda of reducing e-Wastes to the lowest, while taking complete care of the workers and the environment. Being authorized by KSPCB, CPCB, Bangalore Mahanagara Palike and Government of Karnataka, the firm sanctions its quality, as well as the authenticity of the services.

Determined to clean up the country at large, Ash Recyclers buys the equipment from companies PAN India, processes them in its authorized facility and strives to reuse it instead of just recycle it. The firm follows a well established standard methodology and documented procedure for the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle of electronic waste complying with WEEE Regulations. Besides, it aims to offer safe and reliable disposal of e-Waste by following methodologies like Non-Burn technologies, avoiding hazardous material to the landfill, nonuse of strong acids for precious metal
recovery and 100 percent utilization & recovery from electronic waste.
A. Syed Hussain,Founder & Promoter
“We strongly believe in ‘reuse’ over 'recycle' as reusing the equipment extends its lifespan, saves the energy that comes with having to dismantle and re-manufacture products and reduces the consumption of new manufactured goods,” states A. Syed Hussain, Founder & Promoter, Ash Recyclers. The recovered equipment is then sold by the firm at reasonable prices, along with 20 percent buy-back guarantee to consumers.

We strongly believe in ‘reuse’ over ‘recycle’ as reusing the equipment extends its lifespan, saves the energy that comes with having to dismantle

Being one of the oldest players in the e-Waste management business sector, Ash Recyclers places a lot of emphasis on data security and creating awareness in the society. It not only deploys software for data wiping but also uses dedicated data erasing machinery to decode the harddrives, harddisks and other sensitive data, and deletes the complete information in front of the client (if necessary), thereby ensuring non retrieval of the data under any circumstances.

Going Beyond
Following its CSR values, Ash Recyclers offers various benefits to the underprivileged poor people through its NPO ‘Masha Allah Trust’. The trust strives to create awareness in people by providing awareness programs and also helps needy by creating job opportunities for them.

No wonder, with such dedicated services the firm has successfully bagged a long list of clienteles including Dell, Honeywell, IBM and more. In the coming years, the firm aims to keep doing the good work while plans to expand the business to various other parts of the country.