Arissa India: Offering Combination of Assistance & Support Services at Competitive Price

Vinay Venkatesh,Founder & CEO

Vinay Venkatesh

Founder & CEO

A virtual assistant (VA) is considered the most significant asset for small businesses and startups who don’t want or have the budget for full-time staff. VA gets more work done, quickly, efficiently and affordably, and shoulders the burden of regular tasks, freeing-up time to work on activities that grow their businesses. While many virtual assistant service providers focus only on big MNCs and do not entertain limited hour services, Bangalore-based Arissa India opts to offer support & assistance to SMEs and startups on hourly/weekly/monthly basis according to their project requirements, even if it means an hour a week. “We endeavor to render services for the current market conditions with the latest technologies in client specific domains at the best competitive price. Our vision is to collaborate with major companies in the market for all their IT solutions and to help their business grow,” avers Vinay Venkatesh, Founder & CEO, Arissa India.

This bootstrap firm has helped 90+ clients (finder, Aims Innovation,
HELM, V3 Media, and others) around the globe. The primary services of the firm are categorized as innovative & supportive services like administrative & CRM software support (Hubspot and Zoho), customer service, data entry (manual & automatic), email & marketing automation, sales & marketing, lead generation, web search, and SEO. Additionally, Arissa India also provides solutions that are essential for enhancing customer experience and company’s growth such as technical support, telemarketing & telesales, marketing strategy, project management, infrastructure, networking & system administration and information security, under its VA section. Depending on the clients’ requirement, Arissa India even delivers projects as short as one day.

"Depending on the clients’ requirement, Arissa India even delivers projects as short as one day"

Clients’ Extended Team
A year-old, Arissa India was established to render digital marketing services in a combination of virtual assistance and administrative support. This passion-driven company not only offers assistance for products/services launch, but also connects with clients’ customers on behalf of them (via emails), works on their products/services, manages their social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, and others), and aids them in gaining traffic/selling their products. Acting as a virtual
assistant to SMEs, Arissa India operates efficiently around the clock, catering clients from different time zones such as U.S., UK, Australia, and others. It strives hard to deliver the requested services within the quickest turnaround. “Even if clients demand for solutions within one day, we facilitate them the same. We don’t follow shift timing and function on weekends; whenever clients need us, we are there to support them 24×7,” adds Vinay.

Arissa India doesn’t stick to fix price policy and is always open for negotiation, especially when it envisions additional projects and long-term association with clients in the near future. Further sealing this relationship, the company provides the utmost data security via its cloud storage and access only to authorized personnel with permission from the client.

Success Attributes
Arissa India’s success can be attributed to the firm’s flexible work timing and upgrading approaches. Apart from conducting in-house training programs for employees, the company provides video training and access to various online tutorials (Lynda, Udemy, and others)that not only enhance their skills, but also help them to serve customers better. The firm that concentrated initially on Indian market now upholds 99 percent onsite clients and aims to acquire more international projects while doubling its workforce in the coming FY (currently 18). “We are moving beyond virtual assistance and administrative support to offer complete IT services like web development, mobile apps, and designing,” concludes Vinay.