Arctic Invent: A Full-Service Intellectual Property Consulting Firm Providing Global IP Solutions

Govind Kedia,Director

Govind Kedia


Protecting your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is essential in today's business environment. Both to prevent stealing of innovation and as a source of revenue. Over the years, it has become simpler and cost-effective to get IP rights granted in India.

Arctic Invent is a well-established Intellectual Property Rights consulting firm based in India. Arctic Invent has been providing quality intellectual property consultancy services across many domains and industries with a team of over 70 people that includes Patent and trademark attorneys, patent agents, and consultants with diverse technical expertise.

Arctic Invent is also a partner firm of Basck Ltd, based out of the UK, and has partnerships in Finland, the US, and the UK. These global offices provide an on-ground presence to tackle local IP issues at reasonable costs without any coordination charges. Ensuring its clients stay ahead of the competition with quality Intellectual Property services.

IP for strategic business asset creation
Arctic Invent has been helping clients with strategies to protect their innovations and creations. At Arctic Invent, competitive advantage and business asset creation are two focuses of all their services. And they help clients get patents, design patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Arctic Invent helps clients create global IPR assets by its international presence. It gives clients holistic global IP coverage strategies. Unlike other IP consulting firms, Arctic Invent has its own foreign offices, which is leveraged to create holistic and realistic strategies using practical inputs from practitioners abroad.

Arctic Invents foreign offices provide support for all IP-related matters in various countries.
With the help of its team of professionals and lawyers from different countries, they develop workable solutions, which are practical, and outcome driven.

Arctic Invent works very closely with companies at the cutting edge of the latest technologies. They have helped companies protect their IP in various fields. These include blockchain, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, medical devices, software, to name a few.

Global IP protection is the most significant pain point where Arctic Invent has provided simplified and effective solutions for its clientele in India and abroad. They recommend their clients protect their IP in different countries only if there is a competitive advantage and on a case to case basis as per business need. Rather than a generic strategy for all, they provide custom strategies for specific countries, which have shown results in the past.

Making it easier to create IP Assets
Creating IP assets is rather cumbersome. There are many laws and procedures to follow to get the IP rights, involving a lot of paperwork. And the complexity increases as one adds more countries to the list. Arctic Invent endeavours to simplify the entire process of getting IP rights granted.

We realize that IP Rights may create value for your company as IP specialists We know that clients want to create value for business with IP Assets

Foreign office and partners ensure that only experts as per the IP in question (like, designs, trademark, patents, etc.) tackle local legal issues and procedures with their practical knowledge. This enables faster processing of all IP applications.

Arctic invent have developed some exciting custom-built technology, which they use to create efficient workflows and document management for the benefit of their customers. Not only development but maintenance of IP assets are also important. This is where their IP management team use a right mix of automation and human diligence to ensure that no important dates or documents go missing. Arctic Invent is accolated and appreciated by their clients for their proactive approach and embracement of latest technologies, which has helped companies of different sizes (e.g., start-ups, MSMEs, and large companies) get best results at best cost and have great experience while working with the technical experts/attorneys.

Arctic Invent's processes and technologies ensure hassle free experience for their clients. Step-by-step communication and paperless workflows help speed up the process. And a talented team of 70+ experts accelerates the entire process.

The company is currently expanding the team and its presence across India. They endeavour to provide world class IP strategies and consulting with a global team with a win-win-win philosophy (win for customers, win for employees, and win for company).