Arbro Pharmaceuticals: Redefining F&B Testing via Technical Expertise & QTC Approach

Dr. Saurabh Arora, Executive Director

Dr. Saurabh Arora

Executive Director

Can a simple test discern the presence of food contaminants? Well, the answer is certainly in affirmation with the launch of ‘Detect Adulteration with Rapid Test’ manual by FSSAI which exemplifies quick tests for food adulterants detection at household level. Since unscrupulous traders prefer food adulteration over substitution for economic fraud, consumer education is the requisite to bring in awareness along with the implementation of quality forensic testing, and Arbro Pharmaceuticals is absolutely the name to reckon on. It executes F&B testing and research evaluation under its expert ‘Analytical Division’ to deliver pre-eminent QTC results – Quality tests, Time efficient and Cost-effective. Headed by Dr. Saurabh Arora (CEO), this Delhi-based 1990-founded company is an ultimate commercial testing laboratory with world-class R&D that outshines the competition of being synonymous to quality, capability and precision.

Maximum Quality in Minimum Time
When many concentrate on F&B testing only, Arbro takes an edge over by providing technical, regulatory and scientific guidance to customers for non-toxic manufacturing and sound product placement in market. Everything from labeling compliance, GMO testing and residual pesticide to
adulteration, sensory analysis and packaged material testing, is done in-house by leveraging state-of-the-art equipments and ultra-modern technologies. No doubt, the company ranks among top five national level food testing laboratories in India!

Arbro analyzes pesticide and drug residues, banned colorants, mycotoxins, heavy metals, microbial testing nutritional analysis including fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids and provides proximate analysis

One-of-its-kind provider for comprehensive food analysis, Arbro analyzes pesticide and drug residues, banned colorants, mycotoxins, heavy metals, microbial testing nutritional analysis including fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids and provides proximate analysis. The molecular biology lab has expertise in meat species identification and GMO testing. The lab delivers precise and prompt results for water testing, inclusive of packaged drinking water, boilers, cooling systems, irrigation and recreational water used in swimming pools. Since traditional, organic systems like Ayurveda are more in demand, it offers comprehensive services for herbal testing inclusive of heavy metals detection, microbial limit testing, fingerprinting and nutritional labeling, to name a few.

The Tech-Oriented Maestro
Technology being its core strength, Arbro leverages advanced scientific techniques like LCMS/MS, GC-MS (mass spectroscopy), HPLC (chromatography), AAS (atomic
spectroscopy), PCR, RT-PCR sequencing (molecular biology) many more, to deliver high quality tested products for consumers. Topping that is its expertise in manpower retention and competence through rigorous training and investment in quality analytical equipments. “More than 25 percent of our instruments and analytical time goes into running quality control runs like standard evaluation, replicate testing and retesting to ensure that every sample we test meets desired requirements and quality standards,” elucidates Dr. Saurabh.

An Extensive yet Excellent Corollary
Provided that many companies promise product quality without certifications, Arbro’s compliance to NABL, FSSAI, APEDA, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and EIC (Export Inspection Council of India) sanctions its quality, accurate results and export-related testing. Availing consistency in its service, the company has successfully served over 10,000+ customers PAN India and globally along with building a vast portfolio including bigwigs like ITC Hotels, Ruchi Soya, GSK and 100+ FMCG players.

With aced laboratories in Bangalore, Baddi, Manesar and Sikkim (upcoming) under the Auriga Research brand, Arbro has graphed revenue growth in 50 folds in the last decade and envisions extending geographical boundaries to national and international avenues. Besides being a keen contender in international sample testing and proficiency evaluation programs, the company participates in international trade shows to step up its capabilities and reach out to maximum people for food safety awareness. “We have a very positive outlook for ramping up our organization’s growth, not just financially but team-wise as well,” concludes Dr. Saurabh.