Aquaseal Waterproofing Solutions: Offering Precise Waterproofing Solution Leveraging its Analytical Approach

Nakhul. J, Co-Founder,Manish Praksh Bhavnani, Proprietor

Nakhul. J, Co-Founder

Manish Praksh Bhavnani, Proprietor

Waterproofing your home is crucial in order to prevent the unsightly, costly and dangerous damage caused by the moisture in exterior & interior surfaces. Hence, it is imperative to undertake the waterproofing solutions from a reliable & experienced waterproofing firm which can offer substantial quality, unlike the fly by night organizations who just false claim to offer quality. Bangalore based Aquaseal Waterproofing Solutions with specialization in innovative & effective, durable waterproofing solutions has earned a trusted reputation through analytical approach, latest technologies, methods, materials and core belief in customer satisfaction. Aquaseal is well known for offering a wide range of services, including wet area waterproofing, external & internal waterproofing, heat reflective coating, repair work and more. However, the services at which the firm excels are the treatment of water retaining bodies and terrace waterproofing.

Truly Effective Solution

Applications of the membrane, the addition of the product to concrete, or applying a coating of the waterproofing solution to the affected area are some of the methods to protect a structure from water leakage and its damaging effects. However, many companies only apply the membrane, which is just a short term solution, as the capacity of the membrane to seal the water reduces with time, and the product tends to crack when exposed to extreme heat. Aquaseal offers a waterproofing solution that includes the application of two or more components
such as a glass fiber mesh or stretch fab, along with the membrane, sandwiched alternately in order to provide longer lasting protection and a more effective solution. The waterproofing services offered by Aquaseal are designed to be flexible in order to accommodate the requirements of the client. The firm also uses unique techniques like negative side waterproofing using crystalline technology, waterproofing of lime based structure using liquid applied polyurethane, instantly plugging leaks using PU Grounding method, and making any surface watertight using sealer an as a base coat.

Embracing a strong analytical approach while conducting a deep analysis of the problem, Aquaseal offers the right solution to the customers using a diversity of methods & materials

Analytical Approach

Embracing a strong analytical approach while conducting a deep analysis of the problem, Aquaseal offers the right solution to the customers using a diversity of methods & materials. The firm has a clear and effective questionnaire to obtain the exact amount of information regarding the issues from the client. After proper analysis of the issues, Aquaseal uses solutions like cementitious acrylic coating system, crystalline coating system, single component acrylic coating system, and others, providing best-in-class waterproofing experience to the clients. “Our strength lies in our expertise, innovation, workmanship, after sales service, reliability and most importantly commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We also offer a warranty on our service which builds confidence in our clients,” states Manish Prakash Bhavnani, Proprietor, Aquaseal Waterproofing Solutions.

Every site is allocated with a trained supervisor to oversee the work activities and monitor the performance of the set of skilled workforce. Aquaseal also follows a checklist after every stage of work to ensure that the task is done in a correct manner. The firm adheres to all rules & treatment, safety procedures specified by the manufacturer or the site conditions. Apart from that, Aquaseal strives to stay updated with the latest technologies, methods, and materials being introduced in the market, which helps the firm to keep-up with the growing trends and solve the latest complex problems of water seepage.

No wonder with such dedicated services the firm has bagged more than 200 prestigious clients, including Bowring Institute, Olympia Pools, and Silverline Lighting & Exim, to name a few. Incepted in 2015, Aquaseal has grown drastically and witnessed 25 fold increase in its revenue growth, and aims to be one amongst the top 10 waterproofing solution providers and contractors in the next three years.