Apurva India: Transforming Waterproofing Industry with Innovation & Technology

We are in the middle of yet another monsoon. The time couldn’t get any better to talk about the subcontinent’s Waterproofing industry. According to Persistence Market Research, the Construction Chemicals Market in India is expected to hit the highest mark by the end of 2025. Given the need for innovation in the segment, it’s a mixed bag of opportunities and challenges. The growing need for expensive remedial work to correct the failures of conventional waterproofing systems keeps manufacturers on their toes to engender more reliable waterproofing solutions to prevent water ingress.

Providing the market with what it seeks the most Innovation while setting new benchmarks in quality has been the game changer for Apurva India Pvt. Ltd., a Mumbai based building surface protection solutions provider, to grow as one of the leaders of the segment. For example, the market is really used to buying and applying Root Resistant and Waterproofing Solution separately. Thanks to its two R&D units located in Mumbai, Apurva has launched an amalgamation of these two products to the market, which enhances the experience by easing the application.

Innovation is Oxygen

“We push technology to its fullest effects to constantly engage in innovations. That’s why we are able to produce more balanced combinations, like 4MPa tensile strength and 400 percent elongation, while people still work on the pitch modified 1MP tensile and 900 percent elongation,” asserts Atul Vaidya, VP - Sales & Marketing Head, Apurva India. The Liquid Applied Membrane, which becomes a membrane when liquid is applied, is one of the market leading innovations from Apurva.

The company has three manufacturing facilities in Tarapur and Indore. The two facilities in Tarapur near Mumbai have production capacity of 12000 MT per annum and are dedicated to manufacturing Epoxy Resins and Waterproofing products, and the other plant manufactures the Powder Products. The fully automated, state of the art facilities
are also home to stringent quality control systems, including raw material testing solutions and product testing gateways.

Having a fully automated facility also allows Apurva to customize without much time day. “Waterproofing generally doesn’t require much customization. But in terms of Epoxy, we customize in terms of anything, from color to shade and the extra thickness of the coating. On demand, we produce non standard products, which means that they are never reflected in our price list,” says Atul. This is how Apurva has been able to turn most of its pilot projects into long term engagements.
Ashok Kate,Managing Director
A few months back, Apurva on-boarded a pilot project from My Home Constructions (one of the leading builders in Hyderabad) that was initially tuned to some of the products from its competitors. It utilized the opportunity at its best, manifesting better customization with the building surface protection solutions, reliability, and professionalism. Cut to the present, Apurva constitutes for more than 50 percent of My Home’s supply. Its clientele across the industry verticals includes organizations like ABB Limited, Rahul Developers (Pune), Gulshan Developers (Delhi), and Wipro, among others.

We want to maintain our reputation as technically sound waterproofing solutions provider who caters exactly to the needs of our clients

More in the Pipeline

Originally incepted in 1992, Apurva commenced the Waterproofing business in 2014, joining hands with the French MNC Parex Group. Ever since, the company has been growing at a rate of 24 percent CAGR. “Going forward, we want to maintain our reputation as technically sound waterproofing solutions provider who caters exactly to the needs of our clients,” concludes Atul. After having introduced the latest Decorative Flooring Technology, Apurva’s R&D today is busy testing some food grade concepts.