Anuj Lingual Services: Enabling a Global Reach for Businesses by Blurring the Language Barrier

Anuj Panda,Director

Anuj Panda


While the companies are working towards creating an upward image in the regional market, staying in the native bubble can prove lethal to their global recognition. As per the Global Market Survey, though 75 percent of the global audience prefers the familiarity of the regional language, it is surprising to know that 60 percent of the Fortune Companies lack this important practice, leading to loss of capital and credibility on an international scale. Helping such lost in translation companies, Bhubaneswar based Anuj Lingual Services (ALS) is weaving its linguistic expertise, creative ideas, innovation and a decade old experience in assisting them with not only translation services but creating a brand presence as well. For instance, ALS’ transcreation service is a unique amalgamation of translation and creation that assists companies create remarkable brand strategies in regional as well as international languages that can be well assessed and accepted by the ingenious audience and market in addition to offering services like instant live translation services in the digital medium via the web or android apps.
With the help of its 5000+ translators, ALS provides expert, precise and cost-effective translation services in 3000+ language combinations in multi-industry domains that are conceptualised with respect to the current market trends that are complementing the rapidly booming globalization of trade and commerce.

ALS provides expert, precise and cost-effective translation services in 3000+ language combinations in multi industry domains that are conceptualised with respect to the current market trends

“We provide cost-effective translation services in 500+ languages in multi-industry domains. With more than 5000+ translators in our pool, you can be confident that we’ve got every language covered. We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off, through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination.” exclaims Anuj Panda, Director, Anuj Lingual Services. Harbouring an experience of more than a decade, ALS holds the remarkable feat of having translated 55 million+ words till date, making it one of the most reliable and efficient linguistic service provider in the industry, serving multiple domains like UI, finance and many more, challenging the current status quo of errors & drawbacks with speed and agility to drive clients’ global growth.

A Global Outreach
Complementing its linguistic services with its international presence in the UK and Singapore, ALS is also noted for its remarkable assistance in transcription for digital, visual & audio mediums, offsite & telephonic interpretation, voice over or audio recording and subtitling. It is our esteemed endeavor that makes us proud to have contributed in most of the industry domains in the world starting from Windows, MaxOSX, iOS and Android UI to Auto, mechanical and manufacturing manuals, from medical research findings to legal witness statements, from corporate financial reports to aeronautical and navy operation manuals, and so on…

With domain specialized and experienced native-speaking translation experts in its arsenal, the team is currently working towards automation to further streamline these services that would be devoid of human intervention and error. “With our unconditional and continued dedication and commitment, our growth graph has been exponentially rising and we foresee a growing future with new advanced technologies making life easier for cross-cultural people and companies by recreating and improvising our strategies in parallel to the upcoming industry demands thereby helping your business blast off making new breakthroughs in your field of work” concludes Anuj.