Anuation Research & Consulting LLP: Bringing Forth Innovative Customizable IP Solutions

Ujjwal Kumar Jha, Sumit Bhat, Pankaj Khurana, Rajat Rastogi & Vishal Bhardwaj,Co-FoundersThe Intellectual Property (IP) industry just like any other sector is facing its own distinct set of challenges. Two of the biggest challenges confronting the IP industry are time delays and ineffective management techniques. Anuation Research & Consulting is an Intellectual Property firm that has been resolving some of the persistent challenges prevalent in the IP industry since its foundation in 2015.

Based in New Delhi, and founded by Ujjwal Kumar Jha, Sumit Bhat, Pankaj Khurana, Rajat Rastogi & Vishal Bhardwaj, Anuation boasts a big team of dedicated Patent professionals, Trademark attorneys, technology experts, engineers, and other support staff. Over the years, team Anuation has successfully assisted 500 corporates, conglomerates, individual inventors, Law Firms and universities across diverse technical sectors such as HITECH, ITC, Engineering, Biotech and many more. They are one of the fewest firms in India which can claim to be a truly IP firm. Right from assessing the invention to filing the invention, all the way to providing various post-grant analytic services, Anuation offers a complete range of solutions to its clients.

Anuation understands its clients, and hence for every unique requirement, it offers tailored made custom services ensuring the client's success. “By ensuring that the clients' perspective and goals are always met. We go one step ahead of client satisfaction by guiding them to the most appropriate approach in handling IP issues. Hence, while we take care of their IP requirements, they can be 100 percent focused upon their core without any worry,” says Pankaj Khurana, Co-founder, Anuation.

As the firm's clients' business ventures expand into other countries, it facilitates the coordination of their international intellectual property activities through a global network of associates in more than 140 countries. In addition, Anuation specializes in assisting entrants such as individual inventors & startups in securing IP and henceforth reaping benefits of it.

In a short period, Anuation has become a well -recognized and renowned brand in the global
market. Generally considered as 'One of the fastest-growing IP firms', Anuation has handled the IP of multiple fortune 500 companies and major conglomerates. The firm has successfully filed over 4000 patent, trademark and design cases globally with a 100 percent filing success rate.

With innovation as its core principle, Anuation offers balanced and practical solutions with a strong legal and technical expertise. The firm is renowned for providing customized IP solutions across all industry domains.

One-Stop-Shop for Practical IP Solutions
From evolving a simple idea of a client to helping them prepare, develop and register their IP, Anuation is a boutique Intellectual Property firm that provides a full range of Intellectual Property services Anuation is one of the few IP firms which provides monetization and commercialization assistance to its clients through its market research and analytic services.

The firm has a client-dedicated IT department that covers all the technical requirements of clients. Apart from handling their websites and online presence, the IT team helps clients with marketing and promotions of upcoming products/launches. The team also develops web & mobile applications for the smooth functioning of clients' businesses.

Anuation is one of the most secure and tech-advanced IP firms to work with thanks to the dedicated IT team. All the software and databases are handled in-house ensuring data security of the highest level. Clients are facilitated with CRM and other easy tools for tracking and management of their work with the company offering them an incredible user experience.

Our R&D team is currently working on multiple tools in the field of Intellectual Property sale and purchase, HR management portal, effective database handling and maintenance to name some. These tools are being built with AI integration for providing maximum efficiency.

The firm's core expertise lies in Patent Trademark and Deigns application filing and Prosecution, Prior Art Searches, Invalidity & Novelty Searches, Freedom to Operate, Patent Monetization, Portfolio Management, Litigation Support Services, and Patent Valuation among many others.

Apart from prosecution & litigation services, Anuation also provides deep level IP analytics services. Anuation works on the model of three “C's”: Creation, Curation and Commercialization wherein end to end requirement of the client is bound to meet adding immense value in the process.

Exclusive Focus on a Diverse Client Base
From Fortune 500 corporates to Individual Inventors, MSME, Law Firm, and universities ­ Anuation caters to the unique requirements of all its clients. With a flexible approach, the firm has always tried to match its client's expectations. Anuation helps Individual investors and MSME's that are facing budget issues securing their IP and make them connect with the right people to fund their Intellectual Property.

Clients approach Anuation with IP assets, who have faced problems with other service providers due to ignorance and ineffective management techniques. Thus, rendering a limited scope of securing their invention. Anuation Research & Consulting helps such clients with effective prosecution and drafting methods to help them secure their invention and IP assets. It is because of the commitment of delivering excellence to its clients is the reason why Anuation Research & Consulting has registered tremendous growth since its establishment, as one of the fastest-growing IP firms.