Anuation Research & Consulting: A Boutique IP Firm Framing Cost Effective, Customized, End-to-End & Timely Solutions

Majority of the individual inventors and MSMEs in India grapple to safeguard, pursue and monetize their inventions due to scanty budgets while the others are associated with service providers
Vishal Bhardwaj,Partners
Vishal Bhardwaj, Managing Partner
who are ignorant and employ ineffective management techniques for securing IP assets.Thanks to Anuation Research & Consulting, a boutique IP firm, which hand holds the first bracket of customers by connecting them with the right funders and providing the right marketing material while deploying effective prosecution and drafting methods for the second bracket. Established by Pankaj Khurana, Rajat Rastogi, Sumit Bhat, Ujjwal Kumar Jha and Vishal Bhardwaj (Partners, Anuation Research &Consulting) in 2015, Anuation tands as a manifestation of their collective experiences from technology and IP realms. “To present the clients with cost-effective, timely and end-to-end solutions, we formulated the Inventor Assistance Program where in we guide them by designing and developing every initiative and strategy at every step of patent cycle in tune with strict timelines,”claims Vishal.

Besides crafting a full range of IP services, Anuation delivers a one-stop solution for its clients right from assessing & filing their invention and providing multiple post
grant analytic services. Indeed, its team of dedicated patent professionals, trademark attorneys, technology experts, engineers and support staff ensure to provide balanced, practical and tailored services to not just fortune 500 corporates but individual inventors, startups, law firms and universities as well. Especially its entire IT team strives to perform all the patent works and also executes independent projects. Moreover, the firm handles the critical IP issues of Indian clients even in foreign jurisdiction, lubricates their international IP activities via its global network of associates and also services the overseas clients.

(L-R)Sumit Bhat, Pankaj Khurana, Rajat Rastogi, Ujjwal Kumar Jha, Managing Partners

"To present the clients with cost-effective, timely and end-to-end solutions, we formulated the Inventor Assistance Program"

An End-to-End IP firm in the Truest Sense
Prior to custom-making the services, Anuation analyzes client’s inputs & requirements, designs the development process to identify the areas of improvement and keeps them updated on each and every step to ensure project success and transparency. The firm,in fact,reviews each application and advises the clients free of cost on
selecting target jurisdiction, amendment suggestion, timeline requirements, formatting suggestion, patent office’s compliance requirements and many other aspects. Once the strategy is framed, its team of Anuators drafts, files, secures and trademarks the applications through its proven prosecution methodologies. In case of assets which are already secured, they consult and assist the clients with proprietary methodology based services that entail valuation, transaction or litigation support.

State-of-the-Art Products
Anuation maintains security and confidentiality of the data by developing and deploying state-of-the-art infrastructure with data security software & email programs and streamlines internal procedure & coordinates team members via proprietary CRM software. The firm’s in-house team also develops docketing software for tracking the deadlines, managing client projects and tackling important patent filing deadlines; algorithms & software for valuating patent assets and tools for web crawling & searching via patent analytics. Further more, the firm complies with the data & InfoSec policies of the Indian act, secures clients’ data under a dedicated NDA and follows a three-tier review system for patent & trademark concerns wherein the paralegals work on initial documentation, associates review and attorneys conduct final review of all applications.

Relishing more than 40 percent revenue YoY, Anuation carves its future towards increasing client base, exploring new domains and launching new IP products while focusing on client happiness and work satisfaction of Anuators.