ANT Broadband: Making Internet Accessible to the Untouched Areas

Thilak Kumar HS, CEOThe total number of internet subscription increased from 992 lakh in March’15 to 1497 lakh in March’16, thanks to the increasing rural internet users. Today, there are around 142 (as on 30th June’16) major internet service providers in the Indian market, but most of them restrict their services to urban areas only. On closely understanding this situation, Thilak Kumar HS (CEO) founded ANT Broadband that specializes in providing customized internet services to residential as well as corporate clients in and around Bangalore.

Overcoming the Defies

Rural internet users experience disturbed internet connectivity due to poor infrastructure, and very low bandwidth. ANT Broadband, since its inception in 2013, is using latest technologies such as G-PON (Gigabyte Passive Optical Network) to deliver high speed broadband services (up-to 2 Gbps) to its customer’s home irrespective of the area. This high speed broadband and more data permit customers to use their house hold devices such as smart TVs, smart-phones, laptops and others without any buffering and hassles. Moreover, company uses
single fibre device to provide internet services along with additional services like voice, cable TV, WAN and Landline services. “We are the only Bangalore based ISP company offering 500 Mbps home broadband connectivity to the customers,” claims Thilak.

ANT Broadband believes that learning and understanding wired as well as wireless technology is one thing, but supplying bug free internet connectivity is very crucial to build long lasting relationship

ANT Broadband believes that learning and understanding wired as well as wireless technology is one thing, but supplying bug free internet connectivity at its customer’s place is very crucial to build long lasting relationship, which is why it delivers completely secure internet connectivity with anti-virus service to its residential as well as corporate clients. While using internet, sometime user tends to get hacked or DOS attack; to secure users from such malicious activities, company maintains an in-house backend firewall system that segregated all unwanted & suspicious data at its premises, allowing only secure and necessary information to reach its clients.

Getting customers better network infrastructure is yet another dilemma. Most of the residential clients don’t tend to invest more on hardware such as routers, switches, modem and so on.
Hence, ANT educates them regarding the importance of quality infrastructure and how that will help in receiving and enjoying uninterrupted and seamless internet connectivity.

Approachable Attitude, Reasonable Rate

While most ISPs are not pocket friendly, ANT Broadband has crafted a handful of packages (classified its services into three sections High, Medium and Low for residential clients, along with popular package, ultra high speed package and many others) to get the best value for their money spent. To compete with its rivals, company is working on the unique strategy of giving regular offers to its clients, under which it has tied up with few vendors to offer different discount coupons under different discount schemes.

To compete with major internet service providers in the city, company provides multiple unique services like full-fledged backup support, 24x7 technical support, 9 AM to 9 PM onsite support, power backup and device replacement. ANT Broadband maintains a full-fledged backup support from data center to customer CP equipment to offer seamless customer experience, as to them client satisfaction is the utmost priority. The company manages complete backup for device failures and power supply in the form of device replacement and UPS, genset and normal KV power. This commitment resulted in a 40 percent revenue increase for the past two consecutive years. “We are now aiming to become the largest internet service provider in Bangalore and to extend our services across India soon,” concludes Thilak.