Ananya Child Development Centre: Aiding Parents to Cope with Parenthood Problems & Pressures

Madhavi Adimulam,Founder90 percent of a child’s permanent foundation for brain development takes place in the early years (Rauch Foundation). During these years, how parents relate with their children and engage them in cognitive, social, motor and emotional developmental activities describe their future selves. Previously, parents were their child’s first teachers, but today they hardly spend quantity & quality time with each other. On most occasions, both parents are working, and children are left in daycare or with nannies. This kind of impersonalized caring can often make them develop various developmental and behavioural difficulties. Subsequently, children can also face the attention and learning challenges. Parents feel torn between professional and parenting responsibilities due to their packed & hectic schedules.

Bridging the gap in the parenting field, Ananya Child Development Centre aids parents of children with diverse educational needs to cope-up with parenthood problems & pressures in such a way that it will enhance the growth of their child. Apart from training parents on nutrition & food related dilemmas (picky eating), how to
take care of new born baby and handle & understand the behavior of special children, the centre organizes small parent awareness workshops and stress management workshops for mothers of special children and new-born babies. The firm strongly believes that no two parents/children can have the same problem and thus endows one-to-one counseling & training sessions ((3-5 sessions) depending on individual child’s condition &the challenges parents are facing. “Sometimes, we work with children & parents simultaneously, wherein we do therapies for child and counseling for parents based on their issues,” avers Madhavi Adimulam, Founder, Ananya Child Development Centre.

Distinct Therapies & Interventions
This 2008-founded organisation offers early intervention programs, school readiness programs, after school support and therapies to support developmental delay and intervention needs of infants & toddlers (18months – 10years) that are right on target. These intervention programs and therapies are aimed towards placing these children into mainstream school by equipping them with all necessary skills. These programs not only enhance kid’s IQ, language ability, motor development and social interaction, but also coach them on typical school rituals, including how to sit on the floor and at tables for lessons, care for self and their belongings, working in groups, turn taking, and responding to the teacher.

At Ananya, each therapy and
module is designed specifically to individual child’s requirements. These therapies enclose various developmental goals in the play form for different stages, making it fun & easy for kids to learn. Its personalized effective therapies help children in improving learning potential and reduce their learning challenges aiding them to lead better quality of life. With an intension to place maximum children in to mainstream school, the institute schedules the sessions only after deeply studying the assessment report of each child but it always recommends parents to bring their kids six-eight months prior to their admission in a mainstream school. Ananya's own copyright early intervention programs help children in not only their academic success but also in their communication skills.

Involving Family
Strongly believing that parents and other family members are essential partners in the education of children, Ananya fortifies parental participation in all stages of therapies and frequently updated them on various activities performed by the centre and the therapists for their child along with their progress. This in-turn not only gives parents insights to work on their child weak areas at home but also grants children the opportunity to learn & practice range of tasks encountered at school before entering a mainstream school. “We have helped hundreds of special children to achieve smooth transition into reputed mainstream schools in & outside of Hyderabad,” concludes Madhavi.