Alfaccurate Advisors: Trailblazing Personalized Portfolio Management In India's Financial Landscape

Rajesh Kothari, Founder & Managing Director

Rajesh Kothari

Founder & Managing Director

In India's dynamic financial landscape, Portfolio Management Services (PMS) has witnessed substantial growth, driven by favorable regulatory changes and increasing awareness of diverse investment products. Despite these advancements, the penetration of the equity market in India remains relatively low, presenting a vast potential for expansion. However, with ongoing efforts to improve investor awareness and the implementation of robust regulations, the PMS industry is poised for further growth in the near future. Envisioning exponential growth for the Indian equity market over the coming decade presents a promising and lucrative opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the nation's evolving financial landscape.

ALFACCURATE ADVISORS (AAA), led by founder and managing director Rajesh Kothari, is a leading player in this dynamic industry, driven by a strong commitment to protect capital and create wealth for its clientele. With a solid foundation built on transparency, expertise, and personalized solutions, AAA stands out as a pioneering force in India's Portfolio Management Services market. “We place paramount importance on meeting investors' expectations, recognizing that generating superior returns is only one part of the equation. Investors also seek peace of mind amid market volatility. Hence, our objective is to deliver consistent performance, instilling trust and confidence in our clients by safeguarding their hard-earned money”, says Rajesh Kothari.
At the heart of AAA's success lies a set of key factors that sets it apart in the competitive landscape. The firm's founders, including Rajesh Kothari, are actively involved as fund managers, ensuring consistency and stability in its investment approach. With Rajesh Kothari’s 27-plus years of experience in the Indian capital markets and a combined team experience of 75-plus years in Indian equity markets, AAA possesses valuable insights into business cycles, sectors' growth patterns, and varying valuation cycles.

With an illustrious 13-year journey, AAA is a one-of-a-kind boutique investment management firm, boasting an impressive track record and extensive experience in the Portfolio Management Services (PMS) sector. One of its defining features is the firm's exclusive focus on investment management, setting it apart from many other players in the industry. Eschewing broking or wealth management activities ensures a steadfast commitment to corporate governance and eliminates any conflicts of interest.

The firm's remarkable performance speaks volumes as it consistently delivers substantial alpha compared to the benchmark over the last 13 years. Its flagship PMS offering, the AAA India Opportunity Plan (IOP) PMS plan, has achieved a compelling compounded annual return of approximately 18.4 percent, surpassing the benchmark's 12 percent return. It’s mid and small cap offering AAA Budding Beasts has also achieved a stellar annualized return of ~30.8 percent since its inception in January 2021. A crowning achievement for AAA is the prestigious award for the Best 10 year performance across categories on a Risk-Adjusted Returns basis. This esteemed recognition was bestowed by PMSAIF World, supported by data analysis conducted by IIM Ahmedabad. The award underscores the firm's investment strategy's efficacy, oriented towards delivering superior risk-adjusted returns.

AAA's investment philosophy centers on ‘QuAgility’, a term coining ‘Quality plus Investment plus Agility’. This principle ensures a meticulous selection of market-leading businesses supported by robust management, governance, and financials. Additionally, AAA maintains a disciplined exit strategy, ensuring a balance between valuation and growth considerations. This approach aligns with its overarching mission to protect capital while creating wealth for investors.

Looking to the future, the firm envisions becoming the world's most admired investment advisor, guided by a mission to deliver long-term superior risk-adjusted returns while offering a wow experience to all stakeholders. AAA remains committed to offering a concise range of quality products that genuinely meet investors' needs and aspirations.