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  • 10 Most Promising Portfolio Management Service Providers - 2023

    Technology and Innovation in Portfolio Management Services Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are investment management services offered by financial institutions or professional portfolio managers to individuals, high-net-worth individuals (HNIs), and institutional investors. PMS involves managing a portfolio of stocks, bonds, and other securities on behalf of clients to achieve their financial goals and objectives. Key features of PMS include personalized portfolio management, active investment strategies, and a focus on risk management. Clients' portfolios are typically tailored based on their risk tolerance, financial objectives, and investment horizon. Impact of Economic Trends on Portfolio Management PMS providers are financial institutions or professional...

10 Most Promising Portfolio Management Service Providers - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AlfAccurate Advisors AlfAccurate Advisors Rajesh Kothari, Founder & Managing Director A pioneering industry with 13 years of impressive track record and extensive experience in the sector, specializing in investment strategy efficacy, oriented towards delivering superior risk adjusted returns
Banyan Tree Advisors Banyan Tree Advisors Jigar Shah, Portfolio Manager A company with 15+ years of experience in portfolio management services, specialized in preserving capital, risk-free rate of return & equity index rate of return
Care Portfolio Managers Care Portfolio Managers Vishal Shah, Director An organization providing services such as discretionary pms services, non-discretionary pms services and advisory services, with more than two decades of experience in capital market
InvestSavvy Multiplying  Your Wealth InvestSavvy Multiplying Your Wealth Ashish Goel, Managing Partner & CEO An organization across a range of asset management and advising clients to investments in multiple asset classes based on in-depth analysis and use of technology
Joindre Joindre Parameswar M.A, Vice President An organization offering a wide range of services to high net-worth individuals, corporates, institutions, ultra HNIs and family offices, with more than half a decade of investment experience
Mehta Prime Wealth Mehta Prime Wealth Keyur Mehta, Founder & Chairman An organization offering a wide range of Products to its clients, such as Alternate Investment Funds, Advisory Services, Real Estate Investments, Fixed Income Investments and many more
PMS Bazaar PMS Bazaar R Pallavarajan, Founder An organization offers comprehensive analytics & information on PMS and AIF comparison, analytics and advice to help investors globally thrive using this powerful wealth-building medium
Right Horizons PMS Right Horizons PMS Anil Rego, Founder & CEO A discretionary portfolio management services firm with over a decade of experience in the financial sector, specialising in structured investment processes, fundamental and quantitative analysis framework
Sundaram Business Services Sundaram Business Services Deepa Ramesh, Chief Executive Officer A global business process transformation company offering a wide range of platform support services, portfolio management services and fund administration support services
Unifi Capital Unifi Capital Maran Govindasamy, Executive Director An innovative company offering innovative investment strategies with superior risk-adjusted returns with over average of 25+ years of experience in capital markets and PMS