AIS Technolabs: A Pre-Eminent Game Developer Building Trendy Games

Sunny Chawla, CEO ,Hermit Chawla, MD

Sunny Chawla, CEO

Hermit Chawla, MD

Since smartphones and app stores hit the market a decade ago, gaming has undergone yet another rapid evolution that has changed not only the way people play games, but also brought gaming into the mainstream pop culture in a way never seen before. The challenge is to sync features like game levels, scores, progress, and purchases across all devices with multiplayer components and provide flawless gaming experience, which makes the games increasingly dependent on the server-side component. Empowering developers to focus on the game instead of servers, AIS Technolabs, a game development company and web solutions provider, endows its clients with a game platform which provides them a single integrated tool to build these components without setting-up or running a server.

This 2011-established company facilitates many local game development companies in India by making trendy and popular games. It specializes in combining proven strategies, latest trends in technologies, UI/UX elements, design, and research into every web and mobile-based product development, so that customers can earn highest ROI. With a
proven track record in successfully developing a complete casino package (Poker, Blackjack, Roulette & so forth), AIS is currently working extensively on casino games arena.

"With a proven track record in successfully developing a complete casino package, AIS is currently working extensively on casino games arena"

Also providing unique business tools, mobile apps, web applications and enterprise solutions, the company has vast expertise on linking mobile strategies with the ongoing business process. AIS outclasses competition by ensuring security of gaming strategies & business-related information, providing upgradation depending on customers flow through web traffic and above all, by offering intelligent maintenance and support for all its solutions.

Turning Difficulties into Scalability
Renowned for its specialization in multiplayer game development platform, AIS has its own multiplayer game engine which enables it to build multiplayer game development solution without relying on any third party. “The closed ecosystem created and managed by others make it difficult for player numbers to scale up. We remove such barriers and provide cross-platform multiplayer games to our clients,” explains Sunny Chawla, CEO, AIS Technolabs. Likewise, since numerous third-party integration in a game makes it unmanageable for game developers, AIS removes such burden by providing extensive range of third-party integration on the back-end, which
enables developers to link all of the capabilities from one integrated management console.

A mobile game which is not developed to be scalable will fail to retain users, as it will not be able to offer a pleasant experience across multiple platforms and multiple devices as the app user base increases. AIS facilitate mobile game scalability by load balancing server and database. The company integrates push notification solutions into one single overall player messaging solution which manages all player communications, both during gameplay and when a player is not playing the game. AIS’ games can be released on multiple environments, and have a platform-agnostic solution that is scalable and is updated in real-time as millions of scores are simultaneously posted.

Having over 120 qualified developers, designers, testers, QA, BA, copy writers and others (who have worked in India & abroad) under one roof, the company handholds its clients through the entire process of development, right from gathering business requirements, coding, and testing to final project delivery. Its extensive expertise in providing innovative &robust game solutions has enabled AIS to successfully accomplish 3900 projects, catering to over 600 clients across India, Europe, US, & Australia, across thirteen plus industries. Surging ahead with an impressive client retention rate of 80 percent, AIS seems to have the perfect momentum to become the country’s topmost offshore design and development partner.