• Digitoonz: Reinventing the Old-World Charm of 2D Animations
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    Digitoonz: Reinventing the Old-World Charm of 2D Animations

    It’s enthralling the way animation makes fantasy one of our greatest friends regardless of the age and language barriers. Sergio Revuelta, a Spanish businessman, was finally home after a tiring day at the office, thinking just about being in the arms of Morpheus. But the aesthetic sight of Ivana, his three-year old daughter reacting to the anime characters of a 2D animation series on TV - 'Mirette Investigates' - swiftly took Sergio away from his business thoughts and lethargy. While spending time with the little one watching TV, something that struck in Sergio’s mind was the old-world-charm manifested by the anime characters of the show. As we live in a world of action-packed high-end visual effects, it takes a great deal for any 2D TV show to attract the eyeballs of millions of...


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