A.G. Mahajan & Co.: Assisting Indian SMEs to Procure & Protect their IPR from two decades.

Starting a new business or creating a new product is exhilarating and terrifying at the same time, especially for SMEs. One of the thousands of things they have to consider is ‘how to protect their idea, brand or product?’ Though majority of innovations are done by SMEs, researches show that MNCs file around 85 percent of the nearly 40,000 IP applications filed in India annually. Subsequently, thousands of SMEs are reported losing millions in revenues due to lack of in-depth knowledge and awareness about IPRs (intellectual property rights).

Atul Mahajan,CEO
Atul Mahajan, CEO

In the bid to offer full spectrum of intellectual property services to SMEs at affordable cost without comprising on the quality, Atul Mahajan (Director) established A. G. Mahajan & Co. in 2005. The company advices Indian SMEs to select their brands, art works and design of the products in a way that it doesn’t amount to infringement of other IP rights of big players in trade and they keep their own identity, goodwill and image in the mind of their customer for long term. In fact when A.G Mahajan & Co. started
its journey in 1998 by A.G. Mahajan, the founder of firm, in the small city Jalgaon, the term IP was quite unheard of by the SMEs. But today, the firm standouts as the boom for SMEs providing them IP services & consultancy in Tier II cities, thereby eliminating their travelling cost and time of visiting metro cities for IP consultation, registration & management.

" A.G Mahajan & Co. standouts as the boom for SMEs providing them IP services & consultancy in Tier II cities"

This Pune-based firm deals with gamut of IP services starting from trademark registration, copyright and product design to patent advisory. A.G. Mahajan & Co. inculcates an IP-healthy environment with its clients by remaining in touch from start to end of the IP procedure. As soon as clients contact the company, its legal executive fetches all the information from them, and Atul himself explores various trademarks, copyright or registration options of their choices and suggests them the best IP services. As soon a customer makes an inquiry, he receives a requirement form via email and message that needs to be filled. “He can make online payment for the service and based on his information, we will immediately do the fulfillment of required documents and give the trademark acknowledgment on the same day,” explains Atul.

A.G. Mahajan & Co. registers IP
services on behalf of its clients and gives them the acknowledgement for using TM for their product. To further boost customer satisfaction, the firm provides them multiple options for brand names which are registrable so as to finalize their brand name as they desire which can easily fit into the mind of their clients.

Extra Features
The core of A.G. Mahajan & Co’s. success lies in its unique approach of continuously updating clients about their IP application progress and duplication of their IP assets in the market via email & letter. Going the extra mile, the venture files the application on behalf of its clients and notifies them to take legal action against third-party, if clients confirms so, thereby protecting their IP assets. This distinct preposition enables the venture to acquire 3000+ clients, mostly SMEs, and abides as one of the eminent name in the IP fraternity.

Moving forward, A.G Mahajan & Co. is planning to introduce an integrated ERP which will not only develop a paperless working environment but also make various IP services procedure speedy & faster by proffering the acknowledgment for the requested services within 12 hours. Mean while, the company endeavors to covert its proposed Mumbai branch into head office and grab international & major MNCs its portfolio after serving huge number of SMEs.