Adatte E-Waste Management: Recycling Electronic Waste Including PCBs in & for India

Praveenkumar Sundararaju & Abhimanyu Ajay Mehra,Co-FoundersIndia imports a substantial amount of precious metals. On the other hand, a significant amount of precious metals is lost in the hands of countries like Belgium and Korea in the form of printed circuit boards(PCBs) export as India lacks a formal set-up to take concrete steps in setting up the metal extraction process. e-Waste market is highly unorganized and many e-Waste management companies majorly focus on collecting e-Waste and segregating them. But thanks to Abhimanyu Ajay Mehra & Praveenkumar Sundararaju (Co-Founders, Adatte E-Waste Management) under whom the picture in the country will undergo a major shift.

During their MBA program in France, the duo came across a French company specializing in PCBs recycling with patented technology. Using this technology, the duo presented a project on international platforms and the same was awarded the best Capstone project. This motivated them to return to India and start Adatte with the vision to recycle, extract precious metals and sell it in the domestic market to make the country more self-sufficient. This comprehensive e-Waste management organization acts as a
bridge between formal and informal sector and processes the hazardous e-Waste including PCBs in an environment-friendly way, thus eliminating the risk of improper processing of electronic waste.

Adatte offers integrated end-to-end e-Waste management services starting from collection to dismantling and recycling

Delhi NCR-based Adatte offers integrated end-to-end e-Waste management services starting from collection to dismantling and recycling. All discarded electronic waste including PCBs are collected at Adatte’s plant(operation capacity of 1820 tons p.a) where these are dismantled, segregated and processed using various methodologies to gain valuable and hazardous metals in their purest form. The company’s dismantling and recycling process ensures maximum recovery of the metal & non-metal from the e-Waste and minimizes the amount of end waste, while ensuring utmost data security through ethical data wiping.

These extracted precious metals are then certified for domestic sales whereas remaining components are sold to authorized recycler/refurbisher/manufacturer, ensuring complete & safe recycling of the hazardous elements. At present, the venture is setting up a state-of-the-art facility with Central Pollution Control Board recognized process in Bhiwadi and will extract ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals from the trash. “We want everything to be recycled in India to experience all the benefits of
recycling e-waste including PCBs and the same is reflected in our tagline ‘Recycle in and for India’,” adds the duo.

Quality at Par
Adatte’s approach is inclined towards industry 4.0 that reflects through its registered tagline ‘Data Driven Urban Mining’. The company operates & adheres in accordance with the e-Waste regulation 2016 and its amendments, and has approval from Rajasthan Pollution Control Board. In accordance with the regulation, it not only will maintain zero liquid discharge policy and deploy air pollution control equipments within its unit but also will associate with Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility(TSDF) for the eco-friendly recycling of the PCBs waste. Meanwhile, Adatte is also working towards renewable energy for its operations and has signed MOU with a French firm for R&D, gaining exclusive rights to their recycling technology for the first five years in India, and knowledge sharing on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directives.

Its young and dynamic founding team (with R&D, equipment manufacturing and electronic waste management backgrounds) has experience in handling multi-million dollar projects, which aid the company provide additional services like IT asset management, data sanitization, asset tracking, and PAN-India reverse logistics to enterprises. The company is in the process of creating a dedicated backend IT system for internal operation and external customers, and creates awareness on proper disposal of e-Waste recycling through various online platforms such as social media, chatbot and website.