ACVISS: Safeguarding Trust in Global Supply Chains

Vikas Jain,Founder & CEO

Vikas Jain

Founder & CEO

The rise of counterfeit goods presents a remarkable opportunity for consumers and businesses to prioritize authenticity and innovation. As counterfeit products continue infiltrating various industries, consumers are becoming increasingly discerning, seeking genuine products that offer quality and reliability. This shift in consumer behavior allows businesses to differentiate themselves by prioritizing authenticity in their offerings.

By investing in innovative solutions and technologies to combat counterfeiting, organizations can protect their brand reputation and cultivate trust and loyalty among consumers. With a focus on ensuring end-to-end traceability in the supply chain, Acviss aims to safeguard consumers from the risks associated with counterfeit goods, ranging from financial losses to health hazards.

Founded in 2017, Acviss emerged from a deeply personal experience, as its Founder encountered the perils of counterfeit products firsthand while seeking baby products and building materials for their home. “We recognized the widespread nature of this issue across industries, particularly in India, and embarked on a mission to revolutionize supply chain integrity through cutting-edge technology", says Vikas Jain, Founder & CEO. The firm leverages its expertise to combat counterfeit products spanning many sectors, from luxury goods to pharmaceuticals.
Acviss offers a comprehensive suite of six solutions tailored to combat counterfeiting and ensure supply chain traceability. Three critical solutions stand out: Certify, Origin, and Truviss. Certify is the cornerstone anti-counterfeiting solution, leveraging non-cloneable technology to empower consumers to verify product authenticity. It provides peace of mind by offering a robust verification process. Origin, the track and trace system, enables end-to-end monitoring of product movement from manufacturing to consumption. This transparency thwarts counterfeiting and enhances brand trust and loyalty, bolstering bottom and top-line performance. Truviss, the online anticounterfeiting tool, scans various marketplaces and social media platforms to detect and mitigate attempts at brand impersonation. Truviss preserves brand integrity and consumer trust in the digital sphere by safeguarding its online presence.

In addition, Uniqolabel solution is a hologram-based offering, combining traditional security features with cutting-edge technology to authenticate products effectively. This solution and ancillary offerings, Bonus and Assist, further fortify brand protection by incentivizing verification and preventing warranty fraud. While Bonus functions by incentivizing verification, meaning that consumers who take the extra step to verify the authenticity of a product are rewarded in some way, the Assist solution focuses on preventing warranty fraud. Assist safeguards against warranty fraudulent activities by implementing measures to authenticate warranty claims and track product origins accurately.

Central to Acviss’ operations is a steadfast commitment to data security and privacy. The company maintains stringent protocols to safeguard client data, including encryption, hashing, and adherence to industry-leading cybersecurity standards. Leveraging advanced technologies such as machine learning and computer vision enhances anti-counterfeiting solutions, ensuring robust protection against evolving threats.

Acviss’ groundbreaking work has garnered widespread acclaim, earning the company accolades such as the National Startup Award Finalist and recognition from esteemed publications like Economic Times Tech India. Additionally, the company’s inclusion in prestigious events, including a delegation representing India's technological prowess in France, underscores its growing stature as a leader in the fight against counterfeiting.

The company’s relentless focus on research and development, underscored by its pursuit of patents and continuous technological advancement, sets it apart in the anti-counterfeiting landscape. Geographically, it is poised for expansion, with a strategic presence in Europe and North America and upcoming ventures in Asia-Pacific markets. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, integrity, and client satisfaction, the company might shape the future of anti-counterfeiting solutions on a global scale.