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  • 10 Most Promising Anti-Counterfeiting & Traceability Solution Providers - 2024

    Shielding Brands, Empowering Consumers In order to combat the widespread problem of counterfeit goods, which pose a threat to consumer safety and the integrity of the brands, anticounterfeiting and traceability solutions are crucial in today's world. These measures ensure that the products are authentic and protect consumers against dangerous counterfeits. They protect intellectual property and maintain trust for businesses. Traceability increases quality control and efficiency by allowing a complete product tracking through the supply chain. In particular, in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, it also ensures that legislation is complied with. These solutions are needed to maintain the integrity of products, ensure security for citizens and preserve financial stability on a...

10 Most Promising Anti-Counterfeiting & Traceability Solution Providers - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Acviss Acviss Vikas Jain, Founder & CEO Provides anti-counterfeiting and traceability solutions focused on safeguarding authenticity & trust in global supply chains, its expertise to combat counterfeit products spanning many sectors, from luxury goods to pharmaceuticals
Checko Checko Satish Chandra, Co-Founder The firm has developed the first copy proof anti-counterfeiting technology which directly empowers end consumers to verify the product, also excels in track & trace, customer loyalty program and others
Ciphercode Tech Solutions Ciphercode Tech Solutions Venkat Terugu, Founder & CEO Distinguished technology enterprise specializing in blockchain-driven product digitization and authentication solutions, also offers scalable, cost-efficient anti counterfeiting and traceability solutions
Evdens Evdens Nagarajan Somasundaram, Co-Founder & CTO A cloud-based and industry-agnostic self service solution for Anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, and product authentication, also expertise in highly secure and copy-resistant unique identities
Genefied Genefied Ayush Jhawar, Founder & CEO A B2B vertical SaaS company that helps consumer brands across different industries connect with their consumers and build their loyalty and enhance retention
Onspot Solutions Onspot Solutions Uddalok Ghosh, Head - Marketing A technology solutions company that provides anti-counter-feiting & product authentication solutions along with end to end track & trace visibility for the products
Pipra Solutions Pipra Solutions Ajit Kumar, Founder & CEO Specializes in machine learning, AR/VR, anticounterfeiting, supply chain, services, bot, blockchain consulting, web app, wallet, exchange, cryptocurrency, enterprise blockchain and others
Sepio Solutions Sepio Solutions Dhaval Sanghavi, Vice President - Business Development A SaaS platform to digitize and manage product identity with extensive experience in the IoT, intelligent packaging, digital supply chain, anti counterfeit, traceability, and anti infiltration
TechMachinery Labs TechMachinery Labs Nishant Krishna, Co-Founder & CTO Focused on developing unique and innovative products in the domains of computer vision, cybersecurity, blockchain, IoT, machine learning, analytics, track and trace and anti counterfeiting
ThinkCurve Technologies ThinkCurve Technologies Yogesh Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO The company has expertise in the brand protection, anti-counterfeiting, customer engagement, analytics, product track & trace, loyalty programs, unclonable labels, and non clonable QR labels