Acufire Systems: Rendering Exceptional Services with Efficient & On-time Delivery

Shrenik Kankaria, DirectorWorld Trade Centre Pune(WTC),a 1.6 million sq. ft. integrated business park fostering international trade is a jam-packed spot housing a huge executive population. Thus, safety is something uncompromised in the institution which is why WTC entrusted none other than Acufire Systems to safeguard their centre from fire. Installing systems both inside and outside, Acufire fire-proofed the entire tower using top-quality systems like Grooved Fittings (Weldfree Piping) which helps them complete the work faster with better reliability including internal hydrant inside the staircase & basement and external hydrant near the fencing wall. Further, the building was equipped with sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, wet riser, conventional fire alarm, and a backup pump system to negate any mishap.

Always alert and agile to ward off danger, Acufire is the one name that people can blindly rely on for fire & safety. Successfully catering to a privileged clientele comprising of Tetrapak India, Big Basket, Bennett & Coleman, PWD,and more, the Pune-based company is a one-stop-solution for all fire fighting systems, fire alarm systems,fire alarm system,and
gas-based system encapsulating everything from design to execution.

A diverse experience in the field and the boardroom is what kindles Acufire to perform exceptionally well in safeguarding people and property from fire-related catastrophes

Prevention is Better than Cure
A diverse experience in the field and the boardroom is what kindles Acufire to perform exceptionally well in safeguarding people and property from fire-related catastrophes. Going by the norm of prevention is better than cure, the company ensures that all its projects are well potted using top-quality & specialized products (Aerosol and FM 200 to extinguish without water in server electric room) and offers complete cost-effective optimum solutions. Having executed more than three FM projects, the company keenly invests time in coming up with innovative ideas for fast execution & improved quality for ensuring on-time delivery, with awards like Rotary Award of Excellence to speak for it.

As a comprehensive security solution, Acufire offers an array of services such as designing active & passive firefighting systems(fire suppression, fire alarm & others),training (evacuation drills, external alarms, emergency shutdown drills, technical drills, and so forth), operations & maintenance, installing specialized systems (aerosol
system, FM200, kitchen suppression & Novec system) and even getting the fire NOC from the fire department. The company’s cornerstone is its grooving system, a trusted technique than welding, delivering faster and quality results. “We do all fabrication works like grooving, painting (with paints giving five years warranty), cutting, and so forth off-site and then directly install it on-site as it is hassle-free & time-saving. This also improves finishing of paints giving it a long life,” avers Shrenik Kankaria, Director, Acufire Systems.

Alert & Agile
Established in 2009, Acufire has a proven track record in understanding the problems faced by organizations and deploys a complete solution to cover them and regularly updates clients about the project. Strongly believing that its employees are its core strength, the company spends almost eight percent of its revenue for them in terms of better working environment, festivals and birthday celebration, health & wellness programs, CSR activities, and training & development workshops. An ISO 9001:2015 certified Organization, Acufire Systems has procured fire licenses under diverse categories and designs all its system in accordance with NBC-2016 and FM standards on NFA norms (if required). Using IoT as its technology weapon,the company has come up with an App and SMS alert systems to stand out in the market. A consistent revenue growth per year(Rs.10 crore in FY2016-17 and Rs.12 crore in FY2017-18)fuels Acufire Systems towards the tag of Rs.25 crore company by 2020.