ActiveLoc: One-Stop-Shop Unlocking New Frontiers in the Indian Language Translation Domain

Deepak Madhyastha, DirectorThe where abouts of the Indian language translation market are more or less unknown for the general public and even people who are working in the various industries don’t have a clear understanding of the operations of the sector. Yet, even with this lack of mainstream exposure, the Indian language translation domain has been a billion dollar industry since 2013. The sector has been recording impressive growth year after year ever since. The growth of digitalization and the policies took by various teach giants to offer their services in the native language of the Indian users have given a massive thrust towards the growth of the industry. With mobile internet penetration the growth percentage of the sector is estimated to increase in the coming years. With various mobile apps switching to local languages to create a personal connection with the users the future of the Indian language translation market is looking bright.

This growth and development of the sector have attracted a lot of attention and many companies have been mushrooming in the industry to cash in on the sea of opportunities. The amateur practices followed by some of the players operating in the segment have made a massive dent in the reputation of the entire market. Acknowledging the lack of reputed players that offer credible solutions in the industry,
ActiveLoc was established. “The company was incepted in 2014 by a team of localization technology project management and business professionals. Our core team has over 13 years of extensive experience helping companies communicate and conduct business in any language and in any locale. We have started with consulting for businesses to localize mobile OS to Indian languages. Then we have added other services to our portfolio including Software localization that supports product owners with maximum market reach and easy user adaption, Mobile app Localization that helps the developers to get maximum market reach and easy user adaption, and then finally Document Translation which deals with regulatory requirements, user adaption or market adaption”, avers Deepak Madhyastha, Director, ActiveLoc.

ActiveLoc uses computer assisted translation tools to speed up the processes involved in translation and localization

Competing with players that have been well established in the market space, ActiveLoc had to work round the clock to get a foothold in the market. “In the beginning, it was challenging for us to get sufficient funds to invest in the right talents, tools and technologies. Our success came from the fact that we were never ready to give up on our dreams and this never quit mentality has helped us to achieve a respectable position in the Indian language translation market space. Owing to our industry expertise and experience we were able to be a one-stop-shop that offers bespoke solutions to our clients. Apart from the translation services we are also providing end to end localized app deployment services too”, says Deepak.

The ability to evolve with market trends has been crucial in the company’s consistent growth in the sector. While many of their competitors are operating with a human centric approach ActiveLoc uses computer assisted translation tools to speed up the processes involved in translation and localization. The company is also planning to introduce machine translation into its operations by the end of 2020. The success of ActiveLoc is a testament to the fact that anyone can achieve success with the right plan and hard work. Gearing up for the future, team ActiveLoc is planning to expand both in terms of their market and their service verticals. The company is also working on various plans to cater to a wider audience and thereby growing into one of the most recognized names in the Indian language translation domain.