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Shanthi Rani,Operations Manager

Shanthi Rani

Operations Manager

CFD is the art of Study of air and other gases (aerodynamics) and the study of liquids (hydrodynamics) in motions which helps the client, end-user and engineers to solve complex problems, foresee performance and optimize the design, simulate real conditions, and more, which in terms reduces the CAPEX & OPEX. Used in almost every sector, CFD is distinct because of its analytical and simulation capabilities. No matter how complicated the problem is, intelligently using CFD can help find a favorable solution for it. For this purpose, engineers should always look for CFD consulting and CFD analysis services to solve their problems quickly, accurately, and economically. Many industries in sec-tors like ­ HVAC, Power/Energy, Manufacturing, Product Designing, and many more have always relied on CFD analysis to determine answers to their complex and inimitable problems.

Significantly, one of the fastest flourishing knowledge-intensive engineering firms specializing in Building Services and CFD is Aatral Engineering. The firm offers end-to-end services of MEP Design services (including HVAC, Electrical, Public Health, Fire Protection and Fire Alarm), CFD analysis for Datacenters, Car park Ventilation System, Staircase pressurization, Atrium smoke analysis, Thermal comfort analysis, Egress analysis, as well as high-end BIM and CADD Solutions. Aatral Engineering firmly believes that in today's marketplace optimized CFD analysis/design, ideal solutions, quality assurance, control, and accuracy have a
significant impact when it comes to offering cost-effective and high-quality services to stakeholders. The firm's services are totally compliant and go above and beyond the expectations of the stakeholders. It implements a thorough Quality Assurance/Quality Check procedure in every project it under-takes to ensure that the clients' end-to-end criteria are met.

Shanthi Rani, Operations Manager at Aatral Engineering emphasizes "The world is well aware that the building/construction sector plays a major role in the extreme climate changes and the detrimental use of non-renewable re-sources. According to the '2019 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction', the buildings and construction sector accounts for over 40 percent of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Awareness is spread across the world through various sources but the effort of adapting that awareness into action holds the upper hand. We at Aatral Engineering have extensive experience in providing Energy Efficient & Sustainable Building Designs as a step towards a better environment".

The team of professionals at Aatral Engineering assists a varied and growing customer base in the efficient realization, validation, and optimization of their Projects. The firm thoroughly evaluates the client's requirements and develops solutions with functionality, aesthetics, and financial constraints as essential design pillars. Aatral Engineering's in-house capabilities enable the firm to `Close the Loop' between design intent, site management, and operations. As an experienced MEP consultant, Aatral Engineering has a deeper understanding of the system, application, function, and Authority having Jurisdiction needs of the Buildings/Projects, which in turn assists the Client or the Project in finding a feasible and cost-efficient solution.

Aatral Engineering thoroughly evaluates the client's requirements and develops solutions with functionality, aesthetics, and financial constraints as essential design pillars

Aatral Engineering is a firm believer in embracing new technologies and concepts not just for survival but also to stay ahead of the competition. Client feedback is incorporated into subsequent designs, ensuring a Continuous Improvement Process. Aatral Engineering embodies integrity, commitment, and discipline in terms of quality and accuracy. The team of professionals is aware of these as an essential component for its professional survival. And as the firm strives to achieve new heights, it is keenly looking to expand exponentially and is on the verge of opening up an office in the Middle East and expanding its global presence.