• Erotissch: Redefining Fashion For Women-On-The-Go
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    Erotissch: Redefining Fashion For Women-On-The-Go

    Rightly so, fashion has always left a multidimensional universal impact on civilization. It is much more than just a change or a trend. It is essential to the spirit of the time, and the succession of cultural boundaries. In this era of globalization, the impact of cross-culture is an astounding idea. "In India the cultural mindset and limitations of wearing intimate and night apparels inside bedroom, strengthen the idea, and helped us realize that the women-on-the-go need something that is accepted to be worn outside, yet has the comfort they require to go by through a busy work day. A working woman has to be multi-tasking. Clearly, she requires a versatile wardrobe. While creating this brand we wanted to create a range that fit for women like us. Erotissch is a brand by women for...