3R Management: Endowing EcoSmart Solutions for Sustainable Living through Managed Service Model

Manish Pathak & Paras Arora,Co-Founder&MD &Co-Founder & CEO

Manish Pathak & Paras Arora

Co-Founder&MD &Co-Founder & CEO

When endowed with a contract for waste management of Leh city, Delhi-based 3R Management without a second thought accepted the contract, welcoming it as a challenge despite being conscious of the fact that the temperature condition of the city is not conducive for easy composting. An extensive expertise in biotechnology helps it in waving a magic wand for tackling such situations. 3R Management’s suchlike confidence is imbibed by its numerous accounts of successful projects and initiatives, including the one wherein it initiated a comprehensive EcoSmart Campus project in The President of India campus. From installing green waste plants to successfully demonstrating India’s first 100 percent chemical-free mosquito breeding control projects (using nano-scientific solutions); the company raised the level of waste management to a new high.

Transforming Rejects into Resources
Leaving behind thriving IT careers in US, Manish Pathak (Co-Founder & MD) and Paras Arora (Co-Founder & CEO) returned to India to combat the most demanding challenges of Environment and Sustainability, thereby debuting 3R Management in 2014 as the first Indian company to
break into the ‘managed service model’ for decentralized waste management (solid and liquid wastes). Within a short span, it established itself as the most preferred company fighting environmental problems in both government and private sectors. Bestowed with various awards including the United Nations Foundation award, 3R Management prides in a clientage comprising of The President of India, CPWD, NDMC, among others.

Transforming waste into valuable resources, 3R Management not only renders quality products but also shapes smart solutions for environmental protection, unlike other players who primarily sell their products

Transforming waste into valuable resources, 3R Management not only renders quality products but also shapes smart solutions for environmental protection, unlike other players who primarily sell their products. By far, it is the only waste management company that handles all its supplied plants (10kg/day to 30MT/day compost plants and 10 KLD to 1800 KLD STP plants). Evidently, its household composting machines (noise-free, odor-free, and automatic) are the new rage in the market promising good quality manure.. Starting from just 10 kg/day, the machines come in various capacities and are installed in several prominent spots including the official bungalows of Honorable UD Minister and Health Minister. Aimed at endowing to various community users, the Simulation
-based BIRR technology forms the backbone of the silent machines developed by the in-house R&D team; thanks to its dexterity in IT and nano-technology.

Visioning waste as a resource to be recovered, 3R Management proffers complete waste management solutions incorporating consulting, procurement, installation, operations, and maintenance through its services - waste recovery, water waste recovery, Water purification and operations & maintenance. Further, it employs concepts like‘WasteSmart Campus, ‘WaterSmart Campus’ and ‘EcoSmart Campus’ for building eco-friendly residential, commercial and industrial entities, determined to recover 100 percent waste and water for reusable purposes. I Enabling a qualitative and quantitative monitoring using IoT, 3R Management promotes ward-level waste management for ULBs and reduces waste plying trucks from the roads to mitigate pollution and save landfill sites.

Green & Clean Tomorrow
Focused on environmental research, 3R Management develops, and implements most viable solutions for reducing the world’s carbon footprint, complying with all the rules of CPCB and State PCB. Further, it uses cutting-edge technologies for decentralized management (BIRR, BSQC, Smart BioCNG+, and BioMAD) and large projects (PEPS and PEGS). With a revenue growth of 250 percent YOY, the company is planning toexpandacross various regions through partners. “By juxtaposing our engineering, technical, and operational skills with novel business models, we are bringing more environmental products in our portfolio and constructing a strong line of solutions to market,” concludes Manish.