3D Wizard Studio: Re-defining digital fabrication with 3D Printing

Abhinay Mane,Founder3D printers are emerging as a key growing printing technology in the global landscape. In India, the market for 3D printers is at its nascent stage. However, it offers huge growth opportunities in the coming years. 3D printing helps the industry think faster, innovate better, and broaden up the horizons of manufacturing. It is an example of technology and manufacturing working together to become more flexible and scalable, ensuring enhanced efficiency and quality. Prototyping continues to be the dominant reason why enterprises adopt 3D printing, providing the opportunity to speed up new product development and time-to-market.

3D Printing is one such technology that operates cross-functional- be it consumer products, Healthcare, Auto sector, or design and Architecture. 3D Wizard Studio, established in 2016 is one such place that can professionally cater to the needs of all these industries, as it has a production capacity from desktop machines to machines that can print parts up to 2 meters long.

It has processes to produce very strong parts that are used by the auto sector, as well as produce very light yet strong parts that are used by the aviation industry. Further, the company can produce parts that can take high impact for applications like drones, or can produce parts that are resistant to a certain chemical. The enormous time spent researching and perfecting these processes enables the company to be in a place where
customers can truly do research and development for their products.

The two most important pillars of 3D Wizard are affordability and speed. The company tailors solutions for every customer to match their product development budgets at warp speed. It is possible since the company possesses a sheer number of machines with multiple capabilities and strong industry experience. 3D Wizard has Professional software that helps to work with high precision and has strict process parameters that are automatically fed to the machine to produce high-quality parts.

3D Wizard regularly tests print parts in small sections, subjecting it to destructive testing which helps in identifying the failure point and tweaking the parameters to get the necessary results. Such commitment to quality has led the company to a very high rate of client retention.

We redefined the 3D printing technology by not using petroleum-based plastics.

3D Wizard has been able to stand out in the market due to its developed processes and algorithms that help print large parts in hours. 3d Printing is slow but the company can speed it up to such a level that most of the clients have their models in less than 24 hours. It can do batch production while keeping the costs low and blend materials in the machines which give the product multi-material properties in the same object. It has the expertise to operate cross-functional, see innovation across almost all the industries, and design solutions for customers that probably even they could not have thought of.

All these capabilities have drawn many startups, MNC, FMCG industry, White goods, Automobile sector, Healthcare, and Defense as well as foreign companies. The company takes great pleasure and pride to be a contributor to many projects for the Indian Armed forces. It has built projects for the Navy and Air force of the country and makes sure to deliver its specifications. Consequently, 3D Wizard wants to be an accelerator that can take an idea to the market at warp speed by making technology available for everyone.

"Sustainability is one of the focus pillars for 3D Wizard Studio. We work as much as possible on bioplastics, unlike petroleum-based plastics which come from the plant source. We have also initiated a program where we plant a tree for every 1Kg of plastic consumed. This will surely make the world a better place to live. If as a small company we can do this, imagine what impact we can make when everyone has such initiatives," concludes Abhinay Mane.