Mehta Prime Wealth: Leveraging Extensive Market Knowledge & Excellence to Ensure the Best PMS Distributions to Clients

Keyur Mehta,  Founder & Chairman

Keyur Mehta

Founder & Chairman

With the wide range of options available in the market and the uncertainties involved, selecting the best investment products can be an uphill battle and requires professional help. That’s where skilled and experienced PMS Distributors come in. A niche customized service, especially for the HNI’ & Ultra HNI’s, Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are investment services where tailor-made investment solutions are provided based on the investor’s financial targets and capabilities to ensure the best possible risk-adjusted returns. Unlike Mutual Funds, PMS as a product is highly customizable based on the investor’s requirements.

While there have been quite a few PMS Distributors in India, one firm that stands out from the rest of the crowd owing to its extensive market knowledge and consistent track record is Mehta Prime Wealth Ltd(MPWL). Established in 2005, MPWL(Formerly known as Mehta Investments) is a Surat-based leading PMS Services Provider that has pioneered the Distribution of PMS Services in South Gujarat. Operating from a 4000 Sq Ft office situated on the top floor of Surat’s No 1 Business Center Rajhans Montessa, the firm leverages its comprehensive range of Investment tools and resources backed by a rich culture of teamwork and excellence to ensure the best Services for its Ultra HNI clients.

With all the Top Fund Managers in the industry being associated with the firm,
MPWL is the only distributor in India with an Average Investment per client of 12 Crore managed by the smallest team in the industry. According to Keyur Mehta, Founder Chairman, MPWL, “PMS is getting acceptable by a growing customer segment, including retail, the future for the niche service market indeed looks promising. Today, PMS has emerged as a product of choice for investors who are looking beyond mutual funds to generate long-term alpha”.

Apart from PMS distribution Services, MPWL offers a comprehensive range of Products to its clients, such as Alternate Investment Funds (AIF), Advisory Services, Real Estate Investments, Fixed Income Investments, Private Equity, Debt Investments, Global Investments, and Startup Investments. The company undertakes a data-driven approach backed by Robust Research Methodology to guide investors better on their risk factors.“Emphasizing communication, MPWL employs dedicated Relationship Managers who con duct periodic review meetings with the clients. The firm also lends a personal touch to its client dealings through constant calls, webinars, meetings, birth day wishes & customized gifts,” adds Chaitry Desai, Director, MPWL.

MPWL leverages its comprehensive range of Investment Products and resources backed by a rich culture of teamwork and excellence to ensure the best PMS Products for its HNI & Ultra HNI Clients

In an industry where positive word of mouth plays a huge role in driving a firm’s growth, MPWL has been growing by leaps and bounds owing to the positive word of mouth of its satisfied Ultra HNI Investors and has been providing Investment Products to a diverse base of domestic, NRI, and institutional clients over the years. “Being influenced by a quote of Richard Branson that says “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”, we have all of our key employees as share holders in the company” says Jeevan Mehta, Chairman Emeritus & Mentor to the Board, MPWL.

The firm has been organizing the Investor Conferences annually since 2017 which are designed exclusively for its HNI and Ultra HNI clients and are addressed by industry veterans and leaders. As a part of its future roadmap, the firm has further plans to incorporate AI in its service delivery to ensure fast resolutions to client queries. “SEBI has made the PMS investments extremely transparent through its compliance and reporting requirements, further boosting the investors' confidence. It is also possible to come up with various fee options that vary from fully-fixed fees to fully-variable fees.” Keyur signs off.