Cubiccode Digital Media: The Digital Marketing Spree

 Sarvesh Kakkeri, Business Head,    Shivani Jadhav, Business Development Head

Sarvesh Kakkeri, Business Head
Shivani Jadhav
Business Development Head

In the age of new media, everything seems available everywhere. Someone sitting on an office chair far south of the country can see the trending advertisement of a startup in Mumbai. How? All thanks to digital marketing that has made it possible, and in the most promising manner, is emerging as one of the trending and productive fields of business in the country and globally. “The reason why Cubiccode stands apart from the rest of the companies in Belgaum is our strong client base, our successful portfolio, our partner network, and our reputation. Earlier, at the time of our establishment, we started with website designing and mobile application development. As project and clientele grew over the period of time, there was a demand from the market to start digital marketing and online sales services. And as we already had a good reputation in the market, it was not that difficult to enter the Digital Marketing field”, says Sarvesh, Business Head, Cubiccode.

Cubiccode offers services in the fields of web development, Digital
Marketing, mobile application development, and online sales, among few others. The passionate and dedicated team of Cubiccode always comes-out with unique strategies and solutions whenever required, and this has always made the clients happy and helped the company live-up to the client’s expectations.

"The reason why Cubiccode stands apart from the rest of the companies in Belgaum is our strong client base, our successful portfolio, our partner network, and our reputation"

Success that Came with Time
Extending its reach from a tier-2 city like Belgaum, it has been hard for Cubiccode to emerge as a digital marketing startup. The influx of IT and Digital Marketing companies by the day has made the startup environment very unstable in most of the tier-2 cities of the country. Dedication and smart work have been the elements of truth for Cubiccode, as it overcame the hurdles and made its name as one of the leading Digital marketing companies in Belgaum. Sarvesh asserts, “Like every startup, we too were facing some financial issues like paying office rent, salaries, marketing, and other expenses. Another challenge we faced was, the businesses in Belgaum were not interested to move towards digital platform; they were happy with their traditional practices. It used to take lot of efforts to convince them to give us a chance to prove ourselves right”.

But as they say, patience is the key to success. Struggling for perfection since 2016 and
overcoming the entrepreneurial challenges, Cubiccode now handles over 150+ clients across all services. “When we established our firm in May of 2016, we weren’t able to capture a single client until mid of August. That’s when we realised that we were going wrong somewhere. We then analysed our mistakes, found-out what was going wrong, and tried improving it. It might be presentation, the sales pitch, or customizing our services. Now, we have clients from all over India and abroad as well,” states Sarvesh.

Cubiccode in the Times to Come
Cubiccode aims to create more successful projects in the field of Web development and Digital Marketing. By using industry experience, it has also started a couple of training centres in Belgaum which train nearly 300+ students annually in various domains like, IoT, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing and Internet Sales. This year, Cubiccode is targeting for 500+ admissions.

“Looking at our performance in this sector, there have been various proposals to undertake our franchise or partner with us for mutual growth. Currently, we have our partner offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Belgaum, Hubli and Dubai. To achieve this, we are adapting latest technologies, smarter workforce and having frequent workshops & training sessions in our office to strengthen the work flow and be ableto provide valuable customer service”, concludes Sarvesh.