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  • 10 Best Urban Planning & Designing Companies - 2022

    The growth in Urban Planning has witnessed tremendous growth with demand rising in the past decade in India because of the working population shifting towards the technology development sector. One of the most sought after professions in the field of healthy living styles, Urban Planning and Designing, is simplifying the quality of life for people in technology surrounded by life with thoughtful interventions. Several plans and strategies including transit oriented development, smart city development, green cities generated by top notch engineers are introduced in the cities to create workable places in urban, suburban and rural areas. In the case of the planning of settlements and communities, the urban planners are responsible for the planning of the efficient transportation of...

10 Best Urban Planning & Designing Companies - 2022


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
DXCorr DXCorr Nirmalya Ghosh,CEO Recognized for offering design services for buildings for a variety of living in urban planning with technologies including Physical IP solutions, Binary and Ternary CAM, High-performance SRAM, SoC hardening solution, Multiport register file, Smart Versioning system (DXVS), and MRAM
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Anil Bhaskaran Anil Bhaskaran Anil Bhaskaran, Managing Director Providing excellent architect solutions for urban living for the sectors of residence, commercial, complex, hospitality, healthcare, independent houses, and interior design
EcoUrbs EcoUrbs Utpal Sharma, Nirav Makwana, Ankita Sharm, Directors Renowned for offering tailored Urban Planning and Design Solutions to different cities across INDIA in form of Master Plan, Development Plan, Town Planning Scheme, Local Area Plans, Zonal Plans, Lake Front Developments, Township Designs, Industrial Parks etc.
PCA Group PCA Group Ishant Ghai, Co-Founder & Director Facilitating services in urban planning and designing in Architecture, Town Planning, Urban Design and Interior Architecture
PK Das & Associates PK Das & Associates Pradyot Kumar Das, Owner Offers end-to-end solutions in architecture, interiors, urban design, social and environment
RC Architects RC Architects Rohan Chavan, Founder Tuning services in Housing, Infrastructure Space Design, Urbanisation, Institution and Leisure
S.A.C S.A.C Ar. Chandan Nandi, Founder An outstanding service and solution provider for Urban Design, Landscape, Architecture, Sanctioning, Interior Design, Structure, Electrical, Plumbing & Sanitation Design
SNK India SNK India Brinda Somaya, Founder & Principal Architect An excellent urban planning and designing solution provider for Architecture, Master planning, Urban Design, Conservation, Graphics & Interior Design
Studio Verge Studio Verge Sharanya, Founder Offering fervent planning and designing solutions in homes, apartments, villa communities, resorts and learning spaces
Urban And Landscape Design Studio Urban And Landscape Design Studio Beruj Kumar Swastik, Founder Provider of urban designing, landscape designing, & master planning