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  • Top 10 Most Promising Waste To Energy Solution Providers - 2023

    Revolutionizing Waste,Powering Progress Waste-to-energy solutions are essential in promoting sustainability, reducing environmental impact, and fostering a circular economy, with several companies at the forefront of this innovative sector. As the world grapples with increasing waste generation and the need for cleaner energy sources, these innovative solutions exemplify a harmonious integration of waste management and renewable energy production. In doing so, these companies not only address immediate environmental concerns but also pave the way for a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. Transforming Waste into Power, Sustaining Our Future Waste-to-energy solutions have become a pressing necessity in today's world. The global surge in population and...

Top 10 Most Promising Waste To Energy Solution Providers - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Green Systems Green Systems Rajeev Gupta,CEO A pioneering technology-driven company specializing in clean renewable energy and wasteto- energy solutions for a sustainable future
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Abellon Clean Energy Abellon Clean Energy Sanjay Bhatt , Vice President A prominent firm focused on waste management sector, specializing in waste to energy, extended producer responsibility, biomass heat & transport, EPC and more
Chanderpur Group Chanderpur Group Nikhil Chandra Mittal , Director A majestic industry offers advanced RDF gasifier power plant & produces RDF waste to energy and array of services, plants and manufacturing industries
Development Environergy Services Development Environergy Services Rajmohan Rangaraj , CEO A reputed player in the global consulting market in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy serving, including biomass, waste-toenergy, solar and small hydro projects
Ecogreen Energy Ecogreen Energy Srinivasa Pulagam , COO A privatised waste to energy firm collect refuse of your homes and give you compost and electricity from the same, services includes door to door collection, waste processing, waste to energy and more
Five Elements Environmental Technologies Five Elements Environmental Technologies Kavita Gupta , Head of Technology Commercialization An organization takes a more environment friendly approach than the traditional method of burning to reduce harmful greenhouse gases, specializing in waste plastic to oil plants
GJ Eco Power GJ Eco Power Giby George , CEO A waste to energy solution providers with excellent local knowledge of municipal solid waste problems and passionate to convert the waste problem into an energy solution for the society
Hitachi Zosen India Hitachi Zosen India Sanjay Bhujbal , Head Projects A global waste to energy provider and contractor, offers customized plant sections and turnkey plants, covering planning, design and engineering, construction and operation
Ramky Enviro Engineers Ramky Enviro Engineers Anil Khandelwal Jt , Managing Director & CFO An organization committed to corporate social responsibility signed itself into an unshakable contract with future of waste recycling, recovery, reuse and setting up of waste to energy facilities globally
Urjas Energy Solutions Urjas Energy Solutions Ashwin Shejwalkar , Co-Founder An intelligent firm with experience in diverse energy solution for commercial and industrial entities, specializing in solar home lighting systems, wood based gasifiers, waste to energy plants and more