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  • 10 Most Promising Product Engineering Service Providers - ­ 2021

    Expert veterans of the corporate sector claim that there is nothing called "mature" engineering service as information technology sources have evolved while most engineering sourcing agreements have not evolved. Most of the engineering service providers are following the same old, inefficient ways for engineering sourcing. This states that most of the times, engineering service providers are involved in short-term projects however not in longer-term strategic projects. This is the information and technology age where old and traditional businesses are not getting any success-driven results, which is why, enterprises need to travel with collaboration according to the latest trends and integrate the latest techniques for expanding businesses to new success peaks and stay ahead...

10 Most Promising Product Engineering Service Providers - ­ 2021


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bluebenz Digitizations Bluebenz Digitizations Tanveer Patel,Founder & Chief Executive Officer A Software Solution Agency with an aim to transform Enterprises with a Philosophy centered on Technology, Expertise and Innovation allowing for faster adoption with Trends that are in accord with current market paradigm
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Endress Endress Kailash Desai, Managing Director Provider of Engineering, Process Automation, Industrial Measurement, Level Measurement, Flow Measurement, Pressure Measurement, Temperature Measurement
GAMMASTACK GAMMASTACK Gaurav Soni, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer Provides iGaming Software Solutions, Sports Betting Software, Online Casino, Fantasy Sports, Custom Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Systems Integration, and Business Intelligence
Neominds Software Neominds Software Jayesh Babu, Founder & Director Bringing more than a decade of industry experience in building platform, connectivity, and security software, giving a competitive edge and reducing time to market for embedded and IoT devices
SEAANT SEAANT Premkumar Ponniah,, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer Offering Product Engineering services such as Product Ideation and Strategy, Minimal Viable Product, Product Design and Development, and Product Iterations
SNP Group SNP Group Sandeep Chaudhry, Founder Facilitates Product Engineering services with range of services including Product Gap, Product and Architecture future and related services from ideation to conceptualization
Taliun Taliun Debanjan Purkayastha, Chief Operating Officer Providing services such as Product Engineering & Modernization, Cloud, Azure, Data Solution, Data Interoperability, Reporting & Measurement Of Clinical Data Quality
TekCapitol TekCapitol Avi Gulati, Chief Executive Officer Offering services such as Product Engineering, Product Modernization, Digital Experience Transformation, Cloud, Infrastructure and Security
Venture7 Venture7 Lata Bhardwaj, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer Offers Product Engineering Services for development of products by highly experienced technology professionals
Wishtree Wishtree Ravi Shankar Iyer, Chief Executive Officer Providing Application Development, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Custom Software Development services