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  • 10 Most Promising Data & Image Annotation Companies - 2021

    Data annotation and labeling is a field that reports being emerging in India and creating major impacts. According to a study by Grand View Research, the market size of the global data annotation tools is predicted to reach $2.57 billion by 2027. In between the major job cuts, and increased automation, India can leverage this opportunity and support the workforce while existing jobs becomes an illusion. Machine learning algorithms are stated to be trained on a vast image pool that requirse precise marking and appropriate labeling. Like for example, in case of image recognition systems, which is in a supervised learning application, large volumes of clean and properly labeled data are required to train the multiple iterations for building a model which have the accuracy of the highest...

10 Most Promising Data & Image Annotation Companies - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Acclivis Technologies Acclivis Technologies Rajeev Kaushal, MD & CEO Delivering high-end services in systems engineering, embedded services, machine vision, deep learning, artificial intelligence & IOT
Cogito Tech Cogito Tech Rohan Agrawal, Founder & CEO Supplies services in machine learning, artificial intelligence, training data as a service, image annotation, OCR transcription, content moderation, business process outsourcing, data collection, data categorization, and chatbot training
DesiCrew DesiCrew Manivannan J.K, CEO Offers services in digitisation, customer experience management, digital supply chain, transcription, localization, F&A, HRO, AI, machine learning, computer vision, and NLP
Fcosai Fcosai Subhajit Roy, Co-Founder Delivers services in image & video analytics, data scraping, crawling and annotation, augmented reality & virtual reality, image segmentation, and object detection
IMerit Technology IMerit Technology Radha Basu , Founder & CEO Facilitating services in dataset creation, image tagging, sentiment analysis, data verification, data enhancement, data cleaning, content aggregation, image categorization, image curation, content moderation, data wrangling, crowdsourcing, microtasking, application testing, service desk support, and image segmentation
Infolks Infolks Mujeeb Kolasseri, Directors Provider of services in image annotation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, bounding box, polygon/contour annotation, semantic segmentation, key point, text annotation, redaction, Lidar, autonomous vehicle, autonomous driving, ADAS, agritech, medical AI, logistics
Oclavi Oclavi Akshay Soam, Founder It provides services in image annonation, video annonation, medical imagery annonation, and image tagging
Qualitas Global Qualitas Global Neville Patel, Chief Executive Officer Offers services in analytics and annonations, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and mobile games and applications
Sheyon Technologies Sheyon Technologies Praburam Srinivasan, CEO Leveraging services in image annotation epub conversion services, data entry services, contact center services, recruitment process outsourcing, healthcare services, e commerce solution, seo services and corporate training
Up2Datez Business Solutions Up2Datez Business Solutions Praveen Elamaran, CEO Boasting a number of successful and customer-satisfied projects under its belt under the guidance of Praveen Elamaran within a short span