Zomato Equips Indian Delivery Partners with Bluetooth Helmets

Zomato, the prominent food delivery platform, has revealed plans to provide over 300,000 delivery partners in India with helmets equipped with Bluetooth technology. This initiative aims to enhance the safety of the delivery workforce. The helmets come with a sophisticated AI-powered hybrid system, incorporating features such as monitoring chin-strap lock status, detecting helmet wear, and implementing preset conditions to address non-compliance.

The food delivery application also organized the "Zomato Bravery Awards" to recognize the contributions of five chosen delivery partners. Furthermore, the company committed to offering a Rs 10 lakh insurance cover and training in first aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to its delivery partners.

The CEO of the food delivery app Zomato, Rakesh Ranjan, says, "We're proud of the fact that in the last few months, 10,000 delivery partners have received professional first-responder training to help with any emergency they might come across including first aid and CPR".

Adding further, the company asserted that, "Contributing to the well-being of both the delivery professionals and the communities they serve, through this initiative, Zomato aims to create awareness among all delivery partners with respect to vital skills to prevent serious injury or loss of life during medical emergency situations".

Moreover, the company states that it distributed over 250,000 wearable assets to delivery partners during the "India's Emergency Heroes" program in New Delhi in the fiscal year 2023. These assets consisted of jackets equipped with reflector strips to improve visibility during nighttime operations. Additionally, Zomato introduced a comprehensive maternity insurance program specifically designed for female delivery partners, covering various pregnancy-related expenses, including childbirth costs.