Erotissch: Redefining Fashion For Women-On-The-Go

Aayuushi Agarwal, Founder & Managing DirectorRightly so, fashion has always left a multidimensional universal impact on civilization. It is much more than just a change or a trend. It is essential to the spirit of the time, and the succession of cultural boundaries. In this era of globalization, the impact of cross-culture is an astounding idea.

“In India the cultural mindset and limitations of wearing intimate and night apparels inside bedroom, strengthen the idea, and helped us realize that the women-on-the-go need something that is accepted to be worn outside, yet has the comfort they require to go by through a busy work day. A working woman has to be multi-tasking. Clearly, she requires a versatile wardrobe. While creating this brand we wanted to create a range that fit for women like us. Erotissch is a brand by women for women,” expresses Aayuushi Agrawal, Managing Director & Designer, Erotissch.

Established in 2019, by a sister duo Anushka, and Aayuushi Agrawal, Erotissch is an uber-chic Bed to Streetwear fashion brand, that has been influenced by the Japanese concept 'JINBEI'. JINBEI is a popular practice in Japan to wear silk PJ's outside- comfortably. Presently, the Indian fashion scenario demands comfortable attire outside or inside a home, leading to a hassle-free day. Since Erotissch is a brand by women for women, it has done campaigns for regular women from all walks of life and understands the requirement of a multipurpose wardrobe.

It is a passion project by a sister duo that grew out of Aayuushi's determination of lingerie and Anushka's vision of women empowerment. Towards the same advocacy of women empowerment, Erotissch's carries out its campaigns with regular women. The objective is to create a dialogue that there is beauty in each and every one out there. Sharing her thoughts on the same, Anushka says, “The joy that comes on the faces of the women whose lives we touch, makes us feel like we have accomplished something bigger than a brand. We have accomplished happiness.

The same reason why out motto reads, 'Inhale Happiness”. More so, Erotissch has ensured to bring in the 'inclusivity' in everything the firm designs & creates. For that matter, Erotissch is working on becoming as inclusive as possible with time. The brand is working on adding more sizes in its articles. Erotissch has already added sizes upto 3XL in its new Kaftan range and offers customization upto 5XL in the same.

While the Fashion industry is fairly driven by international brands, Erotissch is a strong contender for 'Make in India'. Erotissch has more than 450 products on its website, where in each and every product is designed, sampled and manufactured in India.

Rising The E-Commerce Wave
While collecting the statistics sur-rounding Erotissch, the Anushka and Aayuushi realized that the analysts forecast for the Global Inti-mate Apparel Market has predicted to grow at a CAGR of 7.09 percent during the period 2018-2022. With the rising number of working women, Erotissch can see that the market has a massive potential with a large population waiting to be catered. The impact of the pandemic has in-creased the demand for lounge wear and made people's lives more convenient because of e-commence.

Aayuushi says, “With this pandemic that changed every body's life drastically, people realized the importance of lounge wear while they were working from home and how convenient our lives have become because of e commence. We believe that this change is here to stay. There are a multiple factors that point us towards the growth of E-commerce business and we aim at riding this tide as far as possible”.

After having been launched by AJIO in Oct 2019, Erotissch also joined Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, and Little Black Book by December, 2019. Consequently, Shoppers Stop Limited reached out to the brand in July 2020 and listed it on their e-Commerce for online sales. Ever since, it has been opening doors for Erotissch in offline retail. Erotissch launched its e-Commerce website during the lockdown in June 2020, which has turned out to be the primary portal of its sales presently.

Improvise, Adapt, Excel
The pandemic did teach a lesson or two, and compelled the business to rethink its strategy and come back stronger than before. This firm was founded as an export house for luxury intimate wear by the name of Aakar Intimates Private Limited in
2017 on the biggest platform in the world for intimate wear, The Curve, New York. The firm was able to create a clientele of 11 high end luxury intimate apparel boutiques in a span of 11 months.

Soon the duo was struck with the realization that a working woman has her hands dipped in more than one responsibility, and therefore an assorted wardrobe is a must. This was the beginning to a brand that will soon make heads turn in the fashion industry.

As a startup, Erotissch began at its base, i.e. Noida, as a lingerie and nightwear brand in 2019. Soon, the firm shifted back to Agra during the first wave of Covid. Subsequently, the brand jumped into selling designer face masks by optimizing the exiting raw material of Erotissch (Fabric & Laces) in the heat of the moment. It clocked a turnover of Rs.1 crore in six months ending March 2021. Upon revival of the customer sentiments towards lifestyle, Erotissch came back stronger with their core field products: Lingerie, Nightwear, Kaftans, Swimwear, and Beachwear.

Uncompromising Quality Clothing With Exceptional Design
Erotissch has set some of the most significant design trends including designer face mask, lace face mask that are current best sellers, minimal clothing and Kaftans (also best sellers). “After all, our customers are our trend setters, we make what they want. At Erotissch, we take our customer feedback very seriously. At the same time, being a new brand, we always look up to the prominent brand names, and strive to be better than the popular brands in terms of quality,” says Anushka. As of now, Erotissch has particular small strengths. For its lingerie segment, especially the panties and the lacy lingerie, Erotissch has demonstrated some cut-throat competition to its peers in the market, in terms of quality with the topmost brands out there.

Anushka Agarwal, Founder & Creative Director

The brand only uses standard European laces used by companies such as Triumph and La Senza around the globe. Erotissch tries to source the raw materials directly from the manufacturers. The raw materials used are of the highest quality as used by more prominent brands. Besides, Erotissch's QC and Design team are constantly working on every step of the value chain to ensure the same level of quality products is achieved every time. Erotissch's Kaftan range is a zero waste line, with eco-friendly patterns. These Kaftan ranges are again available up to 3XL, which supports the ideology of inclusivity.

Erotissch's masks and accessories have caught the liking of the market and has become one of the top-sellers. Every mask is made out of the waste fabric left out from its own production units, thereby becoming a zero-waste business.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening” - Coco Chanel

Humble Growth & Way Forward
When asked to comment about the firm's journey so far, Aayuushi beautifully puts, “It's has been like heartbeats, the ups and downs tells us that we are alive”.

With over 10 million hits on, 16,000+ customers and 450 products in just 18 months, Erotissch has redefined a new era of fashion clothing, spreading smiles across the country, in almost every household. The objective is to further grow at scale. Erotissch is looking for investor funding to reach 50,000+ customer base with 2000+ articles in its product line within the next 12 months.

“Erotissch has set some of the most significant design trends including designer face mask, lace face mask that are current best sellers, minimal clothing and kaftans (also best sellers)”

As of now, Anushka & Aayuushi are deriving their success from the smiles they put on happy customers. On the 25th birthday of Anushka, she was approached by a group of girls in Goa. One of them was in the same dress as Anushka; it was a Erotissch's beachwear dress. The girl was overwhelmed when she got to know that Anushka is the brand owner. Turns out, she loves the brand and what it stands for, and she is a repeat customer. That tiny moment, defined success for the sister duo and laid the blueprint for Erotissch's aspirations in the future.

Aayuushi Agarwal
Aayuushi, the founder and Managing director of the company is a NIFT Graduate (2016) and the first-ever Student of NIFT to win a graduation design award in Lingerie Designing. She has collected various experiences in the field by studying Lingerie Designing at UAL London and working in India with some of the top names of the Industry such as SumanNathwani (India's first lingerie Design brand owner). Aayuushi's eye for detail and personal relationship with her love for lingerie has directed Erotissch towards its unique design theory.

Aayuushi started as a designer but with time her portfolio has diverse towards managing the brand and her rulebook has become the bible for future design developments.

Anushka Agarwal
Anushka, the founder and creative director of the company is a Pearl Academy Graduate (2018) who studied Fashion Styling and Brand Image from the college. She is also a three-time excellence award winner and Best creative direction award winner from Pearl Academy. Worked within her field, Anushka has been doing freelancing for a lot of brands such as Uber, Jaipur Jewells, Amazon, Birdhichand Jewelers, Amrapali Jewells and etcsince 2015, working as a stylist and/or brand developer. Her understanding of brand language and beliefs helps Erotissch develop its unique voice in the market.

Anushka started as a stylist and brand developer but with time she has taken over the design development and creative direction for the brand and her creative edgy has helped the brand flourish with new and innovative ideas.